Sindh education dept proposes easing teachers’ recruitment exam policy

KARACHI: The Sindh Education Department has proposed easing the teachers’ recruitment exam policy after not even 1% of the candidates who appeared in last month’s recruitment test were able to pass it.

Out of 162,000 candidates who appeared in the teachers’ recruitment test conducted in Sindh last month, only 1,250 managed to pass.

The test was conducted by the Sukkur IBA Testing Service in partnership with the provincial government. As per former education minister Saeed Ghani, the school education department received 500,000 applications for the recruitment of 46,500 primary school teachers (PSTs), junior elementary school teachers (JESTs), SLTs, and other staffers.

In the proposal sent to the Sindh cabinet, the education department has proposed abolishing the 45% passing marks rule for female candidates and lowering it to 40%.

If the candidates fail to pass the exam despite the move, then they will be given further exemption, the proposal said, adding that once the cabinet approves it, the process of hiring teachers would begin.

It is pertinent to mention that the education department has not proposed exemptions for male candidates, and their passing marks will remain at 55%.


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