Obsession with fairness

The love for white skin is said to have stemmed from British influence, although we have been spared but their skin color still influences us. Our cosmetic industries shows dark skinned people are depressed, unsuccessful,unhappy,undesirable and shows how dark skinned girls worth nothing and gives incentives and opportunities to fair skinned in many aspects of their lives.our media is one of the prime accused as they advertise that marital fortune is connected or linked with how fair you are,which has impacted and made the people premarily girls obsessed with fairness creams and have turned people insecure and anxious about their skin tone . The fascination and attraction towards towards fairness creams isn’t new but in the last two decades the fairness creams and products have hit the market and most of the population are not aware the damages and hazards these creams cause. Since the beauty is associated with the lighter skin tone and many fairness creams come with the taglines as white is purity,white and beautiful,the fairer the better and fair and superior those taglines effected and has led women taking extreme measures and put on unknown chemicals to their skin as they promise and ensure fairness.with the view to get more fair many dangerous methods have been implemented among many one the most practiced thes days is formulla creams which are sold at porlour  across the country although it results fairness but once stopped using it,they reversely effects the skin amd turns the skin more darker than before.these fairness creams coms with steroids which fasten the skin lightening process but makes the skin more pigmanted amd rise acne scarring and results in massive hair growth. Many women resorts to injecting glutathione with vitamin C but again it’s a temporary way and road to fairness and it carries certain risks. Pakistan and india in not the only countries to use and buy these beauty creams but these fairness products are being sold in Southern Asia , Middle East and in parts of Africa. Bulling and taunting of dark skinned people premarily girls and the persistent bias against darker faces is way too common in our societies and many have complained to have been deprived of jobs owing to have dark skin tone. All the beauty products and fairness creams premarily as most of them are not even effective and wastes money.they should be banned and our societies should give up on the idea that particular shade is better or superior to ather shade..

Rabia Rafiullah

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