IMF agrees to release third loan tranche for Pakistan

This development follows govt's decisions to jack up electricity prices, impose additional taxes and to grant significant autonomy to central bank

Following stringent measures on Pakistan’s end, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Wednesday agreed to release the third loan tranche of around $500 million for Pakistan while approving four pending reviews of the country’s economy.

According to a report published by The Express Tribune, the decision to revive the $6 billion programme came following government’s decisions to jack up electricity prices, impose additional taxes and to grant significant autonomy to the central bank.

The report stated that last month’s staff level agreement was endorsed by the international creditor’s Executive Board, which paved the way for the release of the next loan tranche.

It is worth mentioning here that IMF has already given $1.45 billion in the previous two tranches out of the $6 billion agreed between the international creditor and Pakistan.

Citing sources, the report stated that Pakistan would be in difficult position this year as it would impose taxes amounting to Rs700 billion and reduce expenditures in the budget for the next fiscal year.

Last month, as both sides reached the staff level agreement, a joint statement was issued to mark the occasion, wherein the Fund said that “the package strikes an appropriate balance between supporting the economy, ensuring debt sustainability and advancing structural reform”.

“Pending approval of the Executive Board, the reviews’ completion would release around $500 million,” it added.

According to financial analysts, the hold-up was due to questions around fiscal and revenue reforms.


  1. Imran Khan should also tell what Pakistan has mortgaged for this loan. Imran Khan, who came to power saying that Pakistan would never take a loan after he became Prime Minister, has now turned away from his promise. Now to take loan from IMF, the poor people of Pakistan have been burdened with the increased cost of electricity and taxes have been increased on the general public. This is the same Imran Khan, who used to say that he will make Pakistan such that we will not take a loan but will give a loan to the world.


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