Electronic Business is a Gateway to Women Empowerment

The pandemic opened up opportunities for e-commerce

The entire world is witnessing a tremendous transition in electronic business as e-commerce has already shown its importance from a gender perspective. Women have made substantial gains along with shifts in social attitudes towards empowerment. E-commerce refers to the purchase and sale of goods or services via the internet and the transfer of money and data to perform those transactions.

The 21st century stands as a testament to some of the greatest innovations and technological advancements that have changed the essential nature of human communication and interactions. Today, lives are driven by technology and we can no longer imagine a life without our favourite gadgets; and most importantly, internet connectivity. The world is one big interconnected global village due to the Internet, and one can also imagine this global village acts as a global marketplace, thanks to advancements in e-commerce. The trend of e-commerce has been increased rapidly in recent years with the development and easy accessibility of the Internet. The importance of e-commerce has increased manifold due to the coronavirus, making it an extremely vital sector for the economy.

There is no better time than right now for new business ventures and startups to commence their journey, considering how e-commerce is gaining attention due to the epidemic. Innovative and scalable e-commerce business ideas will easily click with the growing consumer base that prefers originality when it comes to shopping today. The future of e-commerce is incredibly bright especially for women entrepreneurs who were limited to local markets. Access to information is providing additional information tools for women entrepreneurs, particularly those with small e-commerce companies, and opening new lines of communities for the marginalized community of women.

The e-commerce world decidedly seems to be well-suited to female entrepreneurs in our country because it gives them the flexibility to balance their personal and professional life. These businesses are not affecting their household chores and security issues. But before starting an e-commerce business we need to understand that it requires disciplined hard work and demands many steps and decisions that need to come together at the right time.

So, the first question that comes to our mind is probably “How do I start an e-commerce business today?

“All you need to do is to build an e-commerce website featuring your products and services and you are ready to sell to the world. Therefore, for all those ambitious entrepreneurs out there, we are going to take a glance at some of the hottest e-commerce business opportunities available for you.”

Many e-commerce options are still there to explore. It’s hoped that the government of Pakistan is also committed to empowering women by providing them with e-commerce platforms and promoting digital businesses in the country to increase the GDP.

Smart Technology and Related Products: We live in a digital age where everyone and everything is connected through smart technologies. People are completely dependent on their devices, be it smartphones or smartwatches, to lead an efficient and smooth lifestyle. Therefore, it is no wonder that most people prefer technical knowledge or smart homes where most of their electronic devices are connected, making lives easier. The sales of smart home products and smartwatches are expected to rise significantly in the coming years considering how people are drawn towards these products for their varied benefits.

Online Education and Learning: It might not sound surprising that today education has acquired a new dimension in the form of online teaching and learning. Many online courses have been introduced both by the government as well as the private sector to help to advance women’s professional growth and economic empowerment through offline and online entrepreneurship education, support and capacity building. Knowledge is no longer limited to the four walls of a classroom but has expanded to include everyone interested in learning from and within the comfort of their homes or even workplaces. There is a great demand for course contents designed to crack specific examinations. While it is important to build an e-commerce, website designed and specifically suited for this purpose, it is equally important to establish trust among the audience by providing relevant content from reputed and efficient teachers and instructors.

Groceries: The demand for household groceries continues to remain a growing and promising market and even though there are already certain big names that appeared during the pandemic in the online grocery and delivery market of Pakistan also, and surely there is still room for more. Modification of products, providing doorstep delivery, promotion of local and fresh products and monthly subscriptions are a few ways of attracting a larger customer base.

Personal Protection Items: As a result of the covid-19 epidemic, there has emerged a rolling demand for sanitizers, hand washes, gloves, disinfectants, face masks, and many other personal safety and hygiene products. People have accepted the use of health care products as a necessary lifestyle choice, which is exactly why there is a whole new market dedicated to these in the form of designer and customized natural products too. Since most personal safety products are becoming mandatory across all spheres of human lives as well as industries, large bulk orders of the same are anticipated. Additionally, since these products have become an inseparable part of our daily lives, there arises the scope for customizations based on affordability, storage, durability and so on while at the same time never compromising on their quality.

Health, Beauty and Skincare Products: The demand for beauty, skincare and healthcare products for both men and women, continues to rise exponentially. Additionally, there is an expanding market for organic goods as more consumers are opting for options that are natural and safer for the skin. Global statistics suggest that the organic health and skincare products market will contribute to $22 billion in sales by the year 2024. It is interesting to note that the men’s skincare and health market is one with a lot of potential, which is often overlooked compared to the uncountable options available for women. Therefore, this is one of the many other e-commerce business ideas worth pursuing.

Jewelry and Fashion Accessories: Amongst the scores of e-commerce business opportunities out there, this one will never go out of fashion! People are always on the look-out for great accessories and jewelry which are in fashion. Interestingly, handcrafted jewelry and ethnic fashion are gaining much more attention lately and this is a cause for delight since it promotes the talent of traditional and local artisans and jewelry makers as well as potential designers. Notably, in Pakistan also, signature jewelry designers are designing attractive collections. These women entrepreneurs are creating customized designs and appealing to a larger crowd too.

These are some of the top picks when it comes to exploring some of the most profitable e-commerce business ideas while many other e-commerce options are still there to explore. It’s sanguine that the government of Pakistan is also committed to empowering women by providing them with e-commerce platforms and promoting digital businesses in the country to increase the GDP.

Huma Huma Mir
Huma Huma Mir
The writer is a senior educationist and freelance contributor

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