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Terrorism in Pakistan

The word terrorism means to harm or cause someone to do something that will cause harm. It is one of the major threats to the people of Pakistan, because of which people are dying in this country. It is an act of forcing someone to do something which affects the people in the country. Terrorism has stared in the country in 2000, and increased in 2009 in Pakistan. According to the South Asian Terrorism Portal index (SATP), terrorism in Pakistan has declined by 89 percent in 2017 since 2009. Brown University Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs (WIIPA),23372 Pakistani civilians were killed and 8832 Pakistani security personnel were killed in the war on terrorism. In 2018 Pakistani newspaper ,(DAWN news) reported that the Pakistani economy suffered a total loss of 126.79 billion due to war on terror since 2001.
However, terrorism is the worst enemy for the development of the country which causes the country not to develop or not to step towards betterment in the world, and economy of the country is one of the effects of terrorism in the country which does not let the country become a great economic power of the future.
So, it is my humble suggestion to the government that it should take actions on the sensitive issue and end it soon as possible.

Younus Fazal
Awaran Kulli