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PML-N’s Talal Chaudhry injured in attack by ‘unknown’ assailants

—Former minister denies reports of attack by female MNA’s brothers

LAHORE: Former State Minister and leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Talal Chaudhry, has reportedly been attacked by unknown individuals and is currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Lahore.

Sources informed Pakistan Today informed that on September 23, Chaudhry was on his way to Madina Town from his home in Faisalabad when unidentified individuals stopped his vehicle and physically tortured him, leading to severe injuries to his left shoulder and other parts of the body.

According to further details, the former minister was shifted Lahore’s National Hospital due to non-availability of an experienced orthopaedic doctor in Faisalabad, and he is expected to be discharged in the next two days.

It is pertinent to mention here that there have been rumours circulating about the attack on Talal Chaudhry with different versions. Some reports alleged that there was an affair between Talal Chaudhry and another MNA of PML-N, Ayesha Rajab Ali, in which Talal was saddened by the disloyalty shown by the female MNA.

Reports say that consequently, Talal tried to forcefully enter the house of Ayesha Rajab Ali and as a result, the former minister was beaten by the brothers of the female MNA.

Meanwhile, a video of Talal Chaudhry’s alleged quarrel has also come to light in which it can be seen that Chaudhry was saying that he was called here for a party meeting and that his phone was snatched. In the video, Chaudhry was clearly saying that his arm was broken and a senior police officer should be called as his phone had been snatched, and if the phone was recovered, everything would be clarified.

Sources in the police department claimed that Chaudhry had called the police from Abdullah Garden Town, Faisalabad on September 23 at 3 am seeking help and the police team had left immediately following the call. Meanwhile, Ayesha Rajab Ali also called police hotline and informed them of some suspicious individuals outside her house who were making her feel unsafe.

The police reached the spot shortly.

Police sources further said that by the time the police reached the spot, PML-N leader Irfan Noman and workers had also reached the house of the MNA. A scuffle had broke in which Chaudhry’s shoulder suffered an injury and both of his arms were fractured.

Police sources further added that Chaudhry and Ayesha had a good relationship in the past, which had turned into animosity after some time.

According to Faisalabad police, the incident took place in front of the house of female MNA at 3 pm on September 24. Faisalabad CCPO said that no party had yet filed a complaint against the other.

Meanwhile, the Faisalabad Police, while releasing the initial report of the incident, said that there was a minor altercation between Talal and the female MNA but both sides have now reconciled and have decided not to take any legal action.

Interestingly, after the incident came to light, senior Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr Shahbaz Gill said that the incident of harassment of an honourable MNA by Talal Chaudhry was regrettable and that the government should take action against it for protection of women.

In his tweet, Gill said that Faisalabad Police should take immediate action and deploy police at the home of the female member of the National Assembly.

“This incident brings the real face of PML-N before the people. Talal Chaudhry is a close and reliable associate of Maryam Safdar. This act of Talal is shameful for Maryam Safdar and all PML-N. Even in the past, whether it is Khawaja Asif or Talal Chaudhry, they have been saying nasty words about women,” Gill tweeted.

On the other hand, condemning the attack, the brother of the female MNA clarified that he did not have any quarrel with Talal and they have a brotherly relationship with each other.

Later, Chaudhry denied the reports of the alleged attack and said in a statement that the rumours circulating about the incident were not based on facts and he will issue a detailed statement on the incident in coming days.

He said that this incident had nothing to do with any female member of the National Assembly and the honour and dignity of all mothers, sisters and daughters should be taken care of. Chaudhry further condemned the politicisation of the incident, saying it was reprehensible for some government miscreants to politicise it.