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Federal govt likely to freeze recruitments for two years

ISLAMABAD: Amid an economic crunch due to the coronavirus outbreak, the federal government is considering banning new recruitments for the next two years in order to control the expenditures.

In addition to a ban on new hirings, all employees related expenses would also be frozen till 2023, sources claimed.

Sources said that the government will be able to control expenditures around, one per cent of the GDP, through these initiatives if approved by the government.

On the other hand, this would also be a disaster for the federal government employees, including cadre officers, who want the executive allowance.

Dr Khaqan Najeeb, who has served as an adviser to the Ministry of Finance, said that room for savings in the upcoming budget has been created in interest payments of the government due to the reduction in the policy rate.

“A part of the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) can be financed through Public-Private Partnerships as well as creating money through asset recycling. Slowing growth in salaries and pensions can also help manage lower expenditures in the budget,” he said.

Structural-level state pensions of Rs421billion can be managed through creating a retirement funds market which would also help increase the country’s savings rate.

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  1. Bashir sayed said:

    Why Bro? U promised to give 10 million joba in first 100 days of your coming to power, People loosing jobs, now U stp hiring, Is this Fair? But U R busy hand in hand with NAB against the Opponents, What Uve found, Not a single Penny, or Horses Egg, U always claim PML-n stole 300 crore rupees, why didn,t U get it back, or U lied to the nation, mislead the public just like Trump, U started with lying and still doing that even U R in power, no raeson to lie now, U tried to manipulate Election Comm. by putting your own people,-failed, dissolved LG , tried to bypass Parliament by Presidential order, had cancelled many TV channels, locked the Editors, Reporters, harrassed them, How long? Tried to remove a Supreme court judge by false alligations against him and his family,
    U R the most corrupted and unsuccessful prime M. in h/o pakistan,It is your failure people R suffering, not Covid-19,
    Wake up, Forgive and move forward.people will remember U forever.

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