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PPP ready to form judicial commission on journalist’s murder: Bilawal

–PPP chief bashes govt for ‘financial murder’ of masses, keeps mum on Karachi ‘soybean’ deaths

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chief Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Wednesday said the PPP government in Sindh was willing to form a judicial commission to probe the murder of a Sindhi journalist Aziz Memon, advising journalists not to become part of a “conspiracy” against democratic forces.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, In today’s press conference, Bilawal said if the family of the slain journalist wanted a judicial commission to be formed, the government will form one. “If the family wants a specific police officer, who they believe is credible, to investigate, we will assign that officer to the case,” he added

After the murder of Memon, who “exposed the train march” of PPP chief, fingers were pointed at the Sindh government led by PPP. However, the party denied such accusations.

Bilawal also distanced his party from the murder and said the video about the train march was made a year ago. He advised journalists not to “unwillingly” become part of a conspiracy against “democratic forces” and work with its “allies” to strengthen the democratic institutions.

“Our record is before you. Whenever you (journalists) are named in fake terrorism cases, whenever there are deadly attacks on your community, PPP always stands by you. Even if we suffer losses because of it, we tolerate that because we believe that constructive criticism leads to improvement.”

“We want justice to prevail. We want a police system that is not involved in politics,” he insisted. He did not, however, shine a light on the findings of the ongoing investigation into Memon’s death.

He said the allegations on the PPP government was a part of a conspiracy and added that such tactics were being used against our journalists who do real reporting, whether in Pakistan or abroad.

“But I want to make a request before you all: this story does not end with Aziz Memon. This story is not limited to one Aziz Memon. You should ask who filed terrorism cases against Sindh’s journalists. You should also ask if this is only happening in Sindh,” he added.

Bilawal also condemned the government’s economic policies and accused the Centre of committing “financial murder of the public”.

He did not, however, comment on the soybean dust allergy that has killed 14 people in three days.