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PIC attack ‘provocateur’ Dr Irfan was accused of murder in 2018

LAHORE: Dr Irfan, who is the central character behind the clash of doctors and lawyers at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology, was earlier nominated as the main accused in the murder case of a Christian youth who was tortured to death by doctors at the Services hospital last year, Pakistan Today has learnt.

According to details, Dr Irfan was among four doctors who were nominated in FIR No. 163/18 registered with the Shadman Police for torturing Sunil Saleem, a father of four children, to death.

According to the FIR, Sunil’s brother Anil Masih stated that he, his brother Sunil and other relatives had taken their pregnant sister Kiran Kashif to the emergency labor ward of the Services hospital on March 26, 2018, because she was suffering labor pains.

“Kiran went to the doctor on duty, Dr Saira, who was playing with her cell phone while sipping on tea,” Anil said. “Dr Saira told Kiran to wait outside until she finished her tea. We waited for some time, but since Kiran was experiencing severe pain, she again went inside the ward to request for immediate attention.”

As soon as the woman in labor approached Dr Saira, she started cursing her for not waiting and told a nurse to attend her, he said.

“When my sister protested against the rude behavior, the doctor started slapping her, throwing her on the floor,” Anil Saleem said. “She asked my sister how dare a Chuhri [a derogatory term for Christians] question her order?”

On hearing the commotion, Anil, his brother, brother-in-law Kashif Ashiq and cousins Raza Guddu and Kashif Robin entered the ward, but as soon as she saw them, Dr Saira shouted to the other doctors and security guards to lock the ward’s doors from the inside and “teach these Christians a lesson,” Anil said.

“Around 15 to 20 paramedical staff and security guards and eight to 10 young doctors, including Dr Irfan, Dr Salman, Dr Hasan and Dr Sahi lunged at us with iron rods, chairs, leather belts and other things and started beating us,” he said. “Sunil, a police constable in the National Highway and Motorway Police, tried his best to placate the assailants but they continued to beat him mercilessly, kicking and punching him in the groin and chest until he fell unconscious.”

After a delay in treatment, Sunil Saleem died for lack of timely emergency medical assistance, Anil said.

Talking to Pakistan Today, Anil Masih said that they had pardoned the accused doctors after pursuing the case for a year.

It is pertinent to mention here that the core reason of the clash between doctors and lawyers at the PIC was Dr Irfan’s speech, which was viral on social media.

In the video, Dr Irfan is seen narrating an encounter with some lawyers in front of a group of medical and paramedical staff of PIC.

According to Dr Irfan, a group of lawyers had gone to the inspector general of police and told him to charge “two doctors” under Section 7 of ATA. He narrated that the IG had refused while the lawyers had urged him to press charges, saying “they could save face” that way.

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