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PML-N MPA, sons accused of raping housemaid in Faisalabad

–MPA Tahir Jamil denies charge, says maid’s family is blackmailing him by levelling false accusation

LAHORE: A rape and child labor case has been filed against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) MPA Mian Tahir Jamil, his wife Bano, and their two sons Afaq and Saad, for allegedly subjecting a 14-year-old domestic worker to systematic sexual and child abuse.

The teenage daughter of Riaz Masih, who filed the FIR, was working at the politician’s house where her father claims she was raped by the MPA, harassed by his sons and subjected to child abuse by his wife.

“I am a poor person living in a rented house with my children whereas, my daughter Saima who is 14-15 years old, was working at the MPA’s house for the last six months. A couple of days ago, she told me that the MPA raped her twice and his sons have been harassing her while his wife beats her over petty issues besides making her work day and night. They had warned my daughter of beating her up more if she ever dared to tell me anything,” Riaz stated in the FIR.

He further mentioned in the FIR that his daughter finally ran away from the MPA’s house on June 25, 2019, and returned to her family.

“They pressurised me to not go to the police but I need justice because my underage daughter has been tortured and raped several times,” Riaz Masih said.

On inquiring about the matter from an official of the Child Protection Welfare Bureau (CPWB), it was revealed that on June 26, 2019, Faisalabad CPWB was informed about Saima who had escaped from MPA Mian Tahir Jamil’s house and appeared before the electronic media with a plea for justice.

The official further informed, “Faisalabad CPWB has taken the minor into protective custody and submitted an application to lodge the FIR in P.S Batala Colony against the accused. On the same date, she was sent for medical after which the MLC confirmed that she had been raped many times.

The minor’s family also submitted applications to the CPO, RPO and session judge. With the coordination and constant follow up of CPWB, on June 28, 2019, an FIR was lodged against Mian Tahir Jamil in P.S Batala Colony Faisalabad where along with other sections, Section 34 of the PDNC Act is also included.”

While talking to Pakistan Today, CPWB Chairperson Sara Ahmad said, “Rape is a crime and we will not let anyone who violates a child worker get away. The Punjab government is determined to eradicate child abuse from the province. Our department got the FIR filed against the accused and is following up the case constantly”.


On the other hand, MPA Tahir Jamil rejected the rape accusation, saying he has evidence that the maid’s family is lying about the incident.

“The CPWB report does not prove rape specifically. As far as the physical abuse by my wife is concerned, I have CCTV footage of the girl leaving our house. In the video, she can clearly be seen leaving with hair; however, she was bald when she was presented as a victim,” he said.

“Further, I was in the assembly on the day the father-daughter duo has accused me of rape and I have footage of that as well.  The girl originally belongs to Tandlianwala and is linked with a gang that extorts money from citizens by blackmailing them through such accusations,” he added.

Talking to Pakistan Today, the investigation officer (IO) of the case said that the investigation is at its initial stages and the police cannot arrest anyone until there is substantial evidence.

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