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New study says intermittent fasting turns you into sort of person who only talks about intermittent fasting

In a groundbreaking new discovery that has shattered the world of nutrition and how we think about dieting and food consumption, a new study has revealed that intermittent fasting turns you into sort of person who only talks about intermittent fasting.

The exciting new news came after scientists at Yale spent months researching the effects that intermittent fasting can have on humans. Before the publication of the research, intermittent fasting had divided the world, with doctors and nutritionists saying that intermittent fasting has absolutely no effect on humans in any way or form, while people with access to the internet stubbornly shook their heads.

Now, however, the same qualified persons have to eat their words because it has been proven that 100% people who participate in intermittent fasting turn into the sort of person who only talks about intermittent fasting.

“It’s a phenomenon really” said Rahul Gupta, a researcher at Yale.

“Every single one of the people we tested could not shut up about intermittent fasting. It was lose weight without caloric deficit this and insulin levels that. Just on and on and on” he went on to add.

“Of course we also learned that intermittent fasting has no effect on either fat loss or insulin levels, but we can confirm that it does turn you into a insufferable, self congratulatory, smug dinner guest” he ended.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.

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