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Another setback for the PML-N

Will the new CM advise dissolution of the Assembly?

The PML-N had to suffer one humiliation after another in Balochistan. First, its MPAs rebelled  against their own Chief Minister and decided to bring  a no confidence motion against him.  When  PM Abbasi visited Quetta to address the dissidents’  grievances, they bluntly refused to meet him. On Thursday the half a dozen Nawaz loyalists in the Assembly announced that they were meditating over nominating a candidate of their own. Next day they decided to join hands with the dissidents to support Abdul Qaddus Bizenjo belonging to PML-Q.  This has left PML-N’s Balochistan chapter in total disarray. Nawaz Sharif who claimed that his party ruled two provinces stands confined to Punjab now.

The PML-N central leadership is going to face more problems in Balochistan . With its provincial chapter having taken its affairs in its own hands, it might no longer be possible for party leaders to take  decisions  about the province from Lahore  without consultations with the party chapter. Nawaz Sharif thus may not be able to nominate Senators on the vacant seats in consultation with one or two confidants in the province.  It would be embarrassing for him to  negotiate with the  new Chief Minister who belongs to a party for which Nawaz Sharif has little liking.

Apprehensions have been expressed  regarding the no confidence move against former Chief Minster Sanaullah Zehri being  part of a design to get the provincial Assembly dissolved to  create hitches in the holding of the Senate elections. Despite being elected thrice consecutively, Abdul Qaddus Bizenjo has so far got unimportant ministries and was just a deputy speaker this time.  Becoming the Chief Minister  is a crowning  achievement for a young politician and there seems to be no reason why he should cut his own tenure short instead of completing it and in the process  retaining the goodwill of the  parties which elected him. While Pakistan’s politics remains unpredictable, it is improbable that the newly elected CM will advise the Governor  to dissolve  the  Balochistan Assembly within a couple of months of being elected.

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