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Three injured in roadside blast in Peshawar

Atleast three people were injured when a bomb went off  in Peshawar’s Khattak Pull area on Monday morning, according to reports. Another bomb was diffused outside a school earlier in Urmarh as well.

The blast happened near a CTD vehicle, while the car was on its way back after disposing off an IED at a school in the Armar area of Peshawar. Three people, including a CTD official were reportedly injured in the bomb blast.

The area has been cordoned off.

Earlier in the morning, nearly three kilogrammes of explosives were found beside a school building in Urmarh. Bomb disposal squad was called on site and the bomb was safely diffused, according to reports. No loss of life was reported. However, the wall of the school building sustained some damage during the process.

The CTD officials were on their way back, when the second explosion occurred.

Police in the area is currently on high alert and a search operation is underway, the KP police spokesperson confirmed.