Naval exercise AMAN 2017 continues in Karachi

KARACHI: Multinational naval exercise AMAN 2017 continued in the Arabian Sea on third day on Sunday.

Navies of 37 countries are participating in the exercise. Nine of them – China, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, UK, US and Russia – are taking part in the drills with their naval assets.

Special Operations Forces of the Pakistan Navy and participating countries have so far presented impressive maritime counterterrorism exercises.

The exercises, a fine display of strength and specialised skills to counter acts of maritime terrorism, refine special operating procedures, exchange of professional expertise and to enhance interoperability with participating Special Operations Forces teams.

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  1. f16c said:

    it could be a more beneficial for regional balance of Power ,Pakistan need much more powerful navy for future with an aggressive doctrine to safeguard the future !

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