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Renaming Frontier Force Regiment

During the British Raj in India there were a number of infantry groups in the British-Indian Army like Punjab Regiment, Baluch (now Baloch) Regiment, Rajput Regiment, Rajputana Rifles, Jat Regiment, Marhata Regiment, Gurkha Regiment, Frontier Force Regiment (FFR) and Frontier Force Rifles (FF RIF). However, after partition of India in August 1947, out of these four infantry groups namely Baloch Regiment, Punjab Regiment, Frontier Force Regiment (FFR) and Frontier Rifles (FF RIF) were transferred to Pakistan Army. Thereafter, in 1949 or 1950 GHQ decided to raise another infantry group by the name of ‘Pathan Regiment’ and established it’s Pathan Regimental Centre at Kohat. I know about this new Regimental Centre as after joining the then Royal Pakistan Air Force (RPAF) in March 1952 my first posting was at RPAF Depot Kohat and had the opportunity of attending certain functions in Pathan Regimental Center.
But in 1956 after Pakistan became a Republic and word ‘Royal’ was removed from its armed forces and all the infantry groups were regrouped and during the regrouping Pathan Regiment and Frontier Force Rifles (FF RIF) were amalgamated with Frontier Force Regiment (FFR).
Later on, three more infantry groups were added in the Pakistan army i.e., Bengal Regiment, Azad Kashmir Regular Force (AKRF) and after sometime Sindh Regiment was also raised. Most probably, all this was done for the purpose of pleasing the people of the respective areas on whose names these regiments were raised. But after losing East Pakistan, Bengal Regiment was abolished. While AKRF was renamed as Azad Kashmir Regiment (AK).
It is pertinent to note the British had raised Frontier Force Regiment just to please the people of North West Frontier Province (NWFP). But now with the renaming of North West Frontier Province (NWFP) to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) the Frontier Force Regiment may also be renamed as ‘Pathan Regiment’ which seems quite logical and will also be liked by the people of KP.


  1. Zulfiqar said:

    The name of the province is not Pathan so it can not be re-named as Pathan Regiment ! KPK Regiment can be a choice. Lets see !

  2. G.A. said:

    Whatever Pathan Regiment name do not look appropriate….it looks something like saying sikh regiment. Like others name should be associated to the province, so KPK Regiment looks better…

  3. Mushtaq Khan said:

    Dear sir,

    Can you pleae tell me pakitan 9 frontier force is currently located, he is a retiree from that unit and he is trying to contact some of his old frineds.

    Please responf to my Email at [email protected]

    Thank you,

    Mushtaq Khan

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