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11-year-old Sitara Akbar sets O-Levels world record

Sitara Akbar, an 11-year-old resident of Chiniot, set a world record by passing O-level English, Mathematics and Science, Geo News reported on Sunday. This is not the first time that the eleven-year-old girl from Chanab area of Chiniot had dazzled the world with her brilliance. She had passed O-level Chemistry in nine years of age, hitting a record in Pakistan. Sitara then went ahead and succeeded in setting her first world record after passing O-level Biology at the age of 10. Sitara Akbar recently pushed the bar up for the world by hitting a new record by passing English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in O-level.

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    • Kazi said:

      Somebody's jealous they can't find such brilliant youth in their country 🙂

  1. Bilal said:

    I think she is From Rabwah/ Chananb Nager , District Chiniot. Brilliant work 🙂

  2. ExPatriot said:

    Masha Allah good job!
    In future this brain will become part of the brain drain …………..

  3. Rani said:

    This is so stupid. The people of this country are so stupid they consider it an honour to pass O levels. hahaha.

    • Abdulhaseeb said:

      btw may i know whats your qualification? and please do honor us with your qualification only if u have passed this o level at the age of 7. if u can not appreciate anyone, please dont be racist or feel inferior.

    • Haris Mir said:

      passing o levels is not of importance here but doing the deed at such young age is. read the article again before posting lame comments.

    • Aima Hassan said:

      I think this Rani has not even seen a school gate. Stop being jealous.

    • Kashif said:

      Ask what you want to ask, only one child of Pakistan is enough to give you answer.

    • shakeel hashmi said:

      this is not fair . we should appreciate sittara . she has done a wonderful job. minimum i feel honour that a pakistani child did this.

    • soniya said:

      tum log jo kanjar khanay pe fakhar karte ho… naachna gaana hi ata ha aur kuch kar hi nai saktay bs hahahha

    • Janoo said:

      Rani tum ko Aqal nahi ani. She Pass O level in the age of just 9. Tum Khoti ki khoti ho gae thi phir behi O Level nahi kiya. lol. Tum Ghadi ho na itni jaldi samjh nahi aey gi tum ko yeh bat.

    • soyzan said:

      Rani this is fact that illiterate people like you never consider the prestige and honor of such achievements.

    • Suleman said:

      I don't think you have read this news report correctly. This news is not about passing O-Levels, it is about passing the exams at such a young age which indeed is a big achievement the world over. Think before you post your comment.

    • Noor said:

      have you ever passed with out a C? you r a failure to the society, Rani, please behave like your so called name, you r blind, can't you read it says she is 11 when she did it? your just jeaous, you might be a 56 year old who lives in a kachi abadi huse, just jealous. achieve a world record then talk about something else. if ur from india, i expect that. they r all jealous of us

    • zarlish said:

      u r stupid nt she,,,u r nt capable of doing thz soooooo…

  4. Khabeer Ul Tanwir said:

    This is our future and hope for the better days ahead, it proves that given the opportunity and chance to excel we can perform miracles.WELDONE, you make us proud.

  5. K.za said:

    Rani people of this country considers it an honour and prestige if someone does something that is way more then his or her calliper.. If you can’t appreciate someone on their brilliant success don’t be a sadistic to TRY to ridicule them. Say of you hav something nice else keep your comments to yourself . Thanks

    • Iftikhar Quraeshi said:

      Obviously this Rani doesn't understand that Sitara Akbar is just 11 years old – an age when Rani herself could not even spell Marmalade. I passed O levels in 1960 just a few days before my 15th birthday and everyone thought I was a genius – and they were right. Today at 67 I can look back and see how far I have come considering I was an orphan at 8 months, O levels at 15 – started earning Rupees 75 a month at 16 – bought a sports car at 18, traveled all over the world between 1971 and 1990: Paris 7 years, London 3 years, Abu Dhabi 3 years, Washington DC 6 years and finally back home with my lovely wife. I wish and pray that Sitara is as fortunate as I was.

    • Masood Khan said:

      Very nice comments K.Za, Rani I think you have some phycological problem, I am sure you are not smart as Sitara. Please don't critisaize other and learn how to appreciate others. May Allah help and guide you. Well done Sitara, you are the star of our country, keep up the good work.
      Masood Khan-Chicago

  6. Rani said:

    Passing O level exam is nothing. How many of your toppers have done anything useful. This country lacks proper recognition and appreciation of talents. Passing O level exams has nothing to do with talent.

    • Aima Hassan said:

      Fix your English before posting stupid jealousy comments.

    • Sonny said:

      Rani, I am Catholic from the States, and I attempted my Cambridge O levels when I was 13, Eight of them all at once, in Pakistan, when my Dad was posted there. I went on to Harvard and you know…. blah blah blah. We had some Indian friends and while hanging out at the dinner table or at the back yard I learned a thing or two about Indians, esp. Northern and North Western Indians, those were the only kinds who ended up in government jobs with overseas postings. I am not going to waste any body's time here by going on any further. Don't you see what you are doing to yourselves. Talk about being blinded by HATE

  7. baqir said:

    passing O levels exam at the age 9, i think its a huge achievement for the girl, we should atleast appreciate it, so that she can work even harder in future.

  8. Abdulhaseeb said:

    We must appreciate. Its an achievement without any doubt. We all must feel proud of our young generation. Alhamdulilah. and those who are saying its not a big achievment or it does not show talent, please just think what u were at the age of 9 or 11.
    May Allah bless this girl with ever lasting success and never ending happiness. Ameen

  9. Muhammad Abd al-Hameed said:

    The story is too brief. Such achievements are not made every day. Therefore, the Editor should arrange for at least a full-page interview of the girl.

  10. k.za said:

    Rani :There are so many success stories of Pakistani toppers if you don't mind please go and bother reading it then to sit on your laptop and do nothing and just comment on others hard work.. what this country definitely does not lack is people like you who cant do anything themselves but have the audacity to comment their judgements on others.

    • Ann said:

      I totally agree with your statement…….Rani is a bitter and jealous man. Perhaps lacking what this young girl achieved.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    • Aisha said:

      totally agree with k.za Rani:really!! u are pathetic !!atleast u should TRY n appreciate her efforts at such a young age and provided with COMPLETELY NO RESOURCEs!! here in Pakistan its a very big deal doing something different because there are ample people like YOU out here n no resources provided !!Passing Olevels is a big deal because its not like our system!!it is a british system which is INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED
      and it doesnt teaches to rote learn!!it inculcates healthy learning!!so please change ur thinking!!

  11. Bilal Ata said:

    It is not Ranis fault. Probably so much of negative has been happening in our country in the recent years that she is not able to distinguish between bright and dark. Let us pray for Rani and pray and appreciate Sitara Akbar. God may give us many more genius like Sitara Akbar. I wish media gives still more coverage to this meomrable event so that minds may get rid from the depressing news coming all the time from Pakistan.


  12. Nadeem Virk said:

    She surely deserve a pat and appreciation from all Pakistani’s so that she alongwith all other brilliant students should get motivation to do more wonders in their studies because after all they are our future, well done sitara.

  13. Admiral Sirohey said:

    Pakistan future is now in their hands.

    Excellent. Well done. Congratulations to Sitara and her parents


  14. Shahnaz said:

    Masha Allah…… God bless you "o Baby of Pakistan,"
    God gifted child , we hope her parents are very proud and
    taking good care of her further education levels.
    congrats to the parents of Sitara !

  15. noormobeen said:

    Why was our press reluctant to mention that the she is from Rabwah ? Her detailed interview has already appeared in u-tube.

  16. Aima Hassan said:

    Well done!! She needs encouragement and schools like LGS and BSS should admit her on full scholarship. One suggestion for this child, apply for LUMS NOP. In LUMS NOP, education in LUMS is totally free and even living costs.

  17. Khayyam said:

    Rani Rani Rani
    Forget about Rani think about our MaahRani (Sitara Akbar) Hahahahaa
    I think Rani is doing nothing else but has moved the commentators to think about her.

  18. danial said:

    Media and news has attempted to hide the fact that the student is from the world renowned Rabwah, an Ahmadiyya established town, later named 'Chanab Nagar' by Punjab government, in their enemosity to the Ahmadiyya community.

  19. Syed Ali said:

    Masha Allah Baiti…..May Allah Karim Shower His utmost blessings on you…and give series of success to set Top Record for Pakistan…Ameen

  20. tayyabahch said:

    Hi Sitara, I am Tayyabah, mother of two small school going kids, when I heard this good news , really wanted to fly to Pak and congratulations to your parents, becoz of ur acedemic records we are giving motivations to our kids, excellent….the whole nation is feeling proud and looking forward irrespective of politics.

    God may give u more success and oppertunities in ur future,

  21. anas ahmad said:


  22. Saleem said:

    Rani, sadly, may possibly have a condition that leads to her seeking attention and thereby results in her inability to connect with the subject in a 'normal' manner. If I'm correct, then I certainly hope that she gets the help she perhaps needs . . AND that people will be a little more understanding of her disposition. God bless and continue to guide Sitara for bringing such reward to her parents and the nation. God bless and guide Rani . . . . . . and all our children. Ameen.

  23. farah naz said:

    bacha… u r a NEW HOPE of PAKISTAN…
    just go for it…

  24. Shamim said:

    She is from the Ahmadiyya Community and from Rabwah (Chenab Nagar). We Pakistanis should be proud of this fact and not hide it. Well Done Sidra we are all proud of you.

  25. KHIZRAH ARSHAD said:

    well..its really nice of sitara.i wish i could be one like her……….welldone sitara !!!keep it up.1111

  26. QADIR BUGHIO said:

    there are such minds in our city warah too, but due to lack of facilities, our young generation is backward

  27. N. Tahir said:

    She for sure hails from Rabwah(new name Chanab Nagar) Any way well done Sitara it's an exra-ordinary achievement.
    N. Tahir
    Houston, USA

  28. fahim said:

    Brilliant Sitara, Girls like you are the asset of Pakistan. We are proud of you. Keep it up. Bless you Allah

  29. Aamir Shahzad said:

    Allah ap ko Es se bhi Zyada apne Enaam-o-Karam se nawazy(Ameen).

  30. ramsha said:

    she came to my school for an admission in a-levels…she could barely be seen standig on the stage…she is tiny!!!

  31. Shakil said:

    well done girl, readers please dont bring faith in it, She is Pakistani and she has done very well full stop!

  32. alislam said:

    mere jamat ke loog ilm mein kamal hasil karein ge..hazarat masih marood (AS)

  33. n maunder said:

    Well done little girl.I only hope she is not a ahmedia.This create huge embarrassment for believers.

  34. aima khalid said:

    thankyou sooooooo much for giving Pakistan another hope to tie itself with as a nation. ALLAH BLESS YOU Girl…..:)

  35. ma baig said:

    shabash beta wishing u best of luck in your future and congratulation to you and familym

  36. masbarumtj said:

    God given gift to a child of Pakistan, should be thankful for that. Congats! Sitara, there will be more educational achievements for you in near future.

  37. Afzal Ali Syed said:

    We proud of you dear Sitara ! Always shine like sitara . keep hard working and make our country proud like Arfa , Moosa etc ….

  38. Syed Nasser said:

    An outstanding achievement however it is measured. Rani's criticism is dumbfounded! I'd like to know what she herself achieved below the age of 11?

  39. syed Faheem Anwar Burney said:


  40. Riz Khan said:

    Well done to her over the extraordinary performance. Hats off. Many many congratulation to her parents over the result. Keep it up Sitara.

  41. Ejaz Ali Zafar said:

    Its up to government to give appreciation by giving her chance to gain more so she put herself a example for other so they will work hard to gain more,

  42. SHAHID said:

    Yet another reminder that Pakistan has one of the world's best education system in place.


  43. Bhutto said:

    Congratulations to Sitara and her Parents…….

  44. rai said:

    in pakistan there is many briliaent students but due to lack of oppurtinty they cant come forward

  45. Irfan Ali said:

    Excelllent Mind Blowing and i appreciate to u
    nh how is impossible but impossible do possible great Sitara Akbar
    Jeay Sindh Jeay Pakistan

  46. szft said:

    mashallah… great job…you are a shining star of PAKISTAN…=)

  47. taleya said:

    SHE IS AMAZING……. i still cant believe this is even possible!!!!!!!!!!

  48. pakone said:

    I did my O'levels at at age 15 in 1988 and I remember waking up at 5 am every morning to study starting 3 months before the final exams. It was grueling to say the least. Then I went on to do my A'levels, went to college in the US where they gave me a full semester off just because I had completed my O's and A's. I ended up graduating college in 3.5 years instead of 4. For this girl to have done her O's at age 11 is nothing short of mind boggling brilliant. Mashallah keep up the great work Sitara.

  49. eq said:

    when youth of pakistan can do such mindblowings works i think then they can run this country better than anyzardari or musharaf

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