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‘AIK AUR GHAZI’ – Critics slam Syed Noor’s upcoming movie

LAHORE – Film director Syed Noor of an upcoming film lauding extra-judicial killing in the name of Islam denies any similarity between his film and last month’s killing of Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer.
For Pakistanis, the scene may evoke memories of the moment Taseer was killed by his own security guard last month for speaking out against the blasphemy laws, which have long been used to carry out personal vendettas and persecute minorities. Instead, it’s a poster for upcoming film ‘Aik Aur Ghazi’ (One More Holy Warrior) by eminent screenwriter and director Syed Noor, which he says he plans to release within two months.
The killer in Noor’s film, a convicted criminal, achieves redemption and hero status through murder. Though director Noor denies any similarity between his film and the killing of Taseer, the film’s expected commercial appeal is indicative of growing acceptability of extrajudicial killing in the name of Islam, argue experts.
Both Qadri and Tariq, the fictitious hero of Noor’s film, are thick-set men with bushy beards and dark, round faces. Both men hail from the province of Punjab, the conservative hinterland. And the film tagline carries the same chilling message backed by Qadri and his supporters, “Punishment for Blasphemers: Decapitation.”
Director Noor, a 40-year veteran of Pakistan’s film industry (known here as ‘Lollywood’) is famous for a string of romantic hits with racy song-and-dance numbers featuring scantily clad actresses. Like all good Lollywood films, ‘One More Holy Warrior’ includes a romantic love interest for the hero, Tariq “before he went to jail,” says Noor, who recently attracted attention for publicly criticizing a Muslim Pakistani actress for appearing in an Indian reality TV show and developing a love interest with an Indian actor.
“My film has nothing to do with Salmaan Taseer,” he says in an interview at his studio, adding, “The villain in my film claimed he was the prophet of Islam. Salman Taseer was just trying to help a woman,” referring to Taseer’s efforts to free a Christian woman, Aasia Bibi, from jail where she awaits a death sentence for blasphemy.

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  1. Shafiq said:

    Does he not have a subject to deal with other shortcoming in the society instead of making a film of this nature?

  2. waqar said:

    mery kheyal sy ye movie dekh k kaferon ke gand me mirch lgy ge

    • mateen khalid said:

      dear waqar
      very good .i slam to you. allah bless you & your family.
      waqar zindabad
      with best wishes

  3. rizwan said:

    i think it is a very grace ful film and everyone like it and get advise from it

  4. inam said:

    i was not expecting from Mr. Noor film like this Pakistan already have intolerance society

  5. Abid said:

    What tolerance? The islamic tolerance or western tolerance of haram, kufr, homosexuality, free-mixing, leaving Islam, fighting felllow muslims.

    We need to wake up – are we preparing for ahkira by pleasing our lord or planning to live forever in this duniya?

  6. aliqasim awan said:

    i wached the movie this is really a great movie

  7. aziz said:

    sayd noor is a lagend n mind blowing person .his all movies are great.but this was excellent

  8. khurram junaid said:

    NOor Sahab aisy hassas topics per films banan ap ka hi fun he. lekin kya hi acha hota k ye film ber waqt karachi me b release hoti.

    Khurram Junaid (Weekly Nigar)

  9. kashif hafeez said:

    syed noor sahb kuch khuda ka khof khao. kanjri nachana apka kaam hai islam ka flag kaha se mil gya tme.

  10. Usman Zaheer said:

    This film is a great movie. Really impressed. Why do the critics ignore the recent "Boul" movie which alot of abusive statements and wrong statements against Islam are used. Shame on GEO and all its CIA Agents.

  11. HAMMAD GHAFFAR said:

    it will be very successful movie.


    Assalam o alaikum….
    I think it is going to be a very graceful movie and everyone will like it.INSHA ALLAH and Non-muslims will surely get advise from it.Dear Waqar,May Allah bless you & your family.aameen

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