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First lady poet from Chitral hopes to change life of women

LAHORE – The first female poet of Chitral Rahima Naz, who stepped in the field of poetry despite living in a conservative society, is optimistic to bring revolution in the district eradicating all frustration from the lives of women.
Rahima Naz was born in the paradise-like but backward area of upper Chitral Khot village (Tehsil Torkoh). Her father Haji Khan served in Pakistan Air Force (PAF). She passed her matriculation examination from Federal Government Public Girls High School Cherat and passed FA and BA from Peshawar Board. She is currently doing MA in Islamic studies from Malakand University as a private candidate.
Talking to a source she revealed that her fight was against the orthodox customaries of the society. Rahima who practices romantic poetry told that she was a great fan of Parveen Shakir. Rahima Naz is committed and determined to impart education to girls in her district and that is why she joined teaching in Frontier Corps Public School Chitral.
She said that she practices poetry without any guidance and has written a book titled ‘Lala Kohsar’ (the very rare flowers of the mountainous range). She writes independent poetry, prose poetry, prose ode, amatory, and romantic odes. Professor Dr. Syed Qasim Jalal, prominent drama writer, in his preface on her first book has highly hailed and appreciated her efforts in the field of poetry as first lady poet from Chitral.
She also wrote a poem in memory of a military man who was martyred in parade lane mosque where a large number of people were killed in a terrorist attack. Her poem is very popular. Rahima Naz revealed that at first she was writing secretly but in April 2010 when her first book published she stepped in this field openly.
Responding to a question concerning about how an increasing number of women commit suicide she replied that perhaps these girls are coward and can not dare to express their views.

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