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Are you human?

Life can be just so beautiful if we stop complicating it “Jeevan me ziada rishte hona zaroori nahi hai, par jo rishte hain un me jeevan hona zaroori hai,” says my friend

Imploding Iraq

Is there a solution to avoid it?       Nicholas Kristof writing for The New York Times opposes USA intervention in Iraq. I completely support him when he says, “Our 2003

Death of integrity

Without exonerating culprits, we need to ask ourselves a question: Do we possess the integrity we demand of our politicians?   We lament the increasing lack of integrity in our leaders. From

Whither rule of law?

Its absence makes a society intolerant and unjust   Legally, the rule of law requires ‘the government to exercise its authority under the law’.This requirement is sometimes explained with the phrase ‘no