Greece grants consular access to detained Pakistani journalist

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani government has gained consular access to Pakistani anchor and marathon runner Mona Khan who was detained in Greece after raising Pakistani flag.

The officials from the Pakistani embassy reached the jail where she is being held.

Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch confirmed raising the case by the Pakistani embassy with the Greek authorities.

According to Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, the Pakistani embassy had demanded consular access to Mona from the Greek authorities.

Mona Khan was arrested in Greece for the offense of waving the Pakistani national flag while engaging in hiking activities.

She was arrested for waving the Pakistani national flag as she reportedly traveled to Greece for hiking.

Coach Mohammad Yousef confirmed that Mona has been taken into custody, and stated that the police have also confiscated her phone.

“My last contact with Mona was one hour before she had left her son in Athens,” he said.

An alleged audio recording of her conversation has also surfaced. It suggests that all the hikers had gathered together in Greece and she waved the Pakistani flag, to which police came to her and asked about waving the flag and she said “yes”. Mona Khan was then reportedly mistreated by police.

Yousef appealed to the Pakistani government to take steps for Mona’s release.


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