Gandapur promises ‘good governance’ to prove his worth

PESHAWAR: Ali Amin Gandapur, the PTI candidate for the office of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister has said that he believes in practical work and not in words, he will prove himself with good governance.

Talking to a private Tv news channel on Sunday, he said the PTI would take steps to uplift the economy of the province and present a people’s-friendly budget.

Gandapur said that his mission would be to give maximum relief to the people. Law and order in the province, restoration of health cards and improvement of education system would be his top priorities, he continued.

He said the PTI founder picked a team that won the world cup [in 1992] and he would name the cabinet to run the province.

He said that 55 percent of the newly-elected members of the PTI were those who won for the first time. The recent elections have exposed the turncoats and separated them from those who were loyal to the party, he added.


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