WSSP accuses PESCO of overbilling after suspension of power to tubewells

PESHAWAR: The Water and Sanitation Company Peshawar (WSSP) has accused the Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) of overbilling after the company cut off power supply its tubewells.

The WSSP said that it had paid bills on time and not responsible for the excessive amount of bills. A letter wrote by the Chief Executive WSSP chief executive to PESCO’s Chief Commercial Officer said that power supply has been stopped to several tubewells during Ramazan from 27th to 30th March without any notice being issued.

The WSSP chief termed Pesco staff “unprofessional” and said that the closure of tube wells could cause a law and order in the city

The WSSP has 534 tube wells in Peshawar and it usually pay Rs70 to 80 million of monthly bills. According to the WSSP, during the ongoing financial year, the finance department has paid over Rs700mn to PESCO from the WSSP funds toll February and the bills are being paid regularly.

The letter further states that a list of 22 tube wells has been provided with a bill of Rs 20.57mn while the company has paid 4.2mn, however, the WSSP is not responsible for the line losses at these tubewells. The letter added that two tube wells in Ganj area have stopped operation due to faulty transformers while 7 tube wells on Warsak Road have not been supplied with electricity despite full payment to PESCO.

The average monthly power consumption of the company is 5,500 electricity units, said the letter, However, Pesco has added additional units in the areas where meters are damaged. The company has identified 13 places where from 5,500 to 13,000 units electricity has been consumed. 

The WSSP said that when Pesco was asked for correction of wrong billing, the matter was delayed for several months. The Chief Executive WSSP requested the Pesco authorities to resolve the issue immediately and asked for cooperation in providing facilities to the citizens in the month of Ramazan.

Aziz Buneri
Aziz Buneri
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