17-year-old student subjected to brutal torture by fellow students

LAHORE: A gang of young boys subjected a 17-year-old student of Lahore Grammar School (Gulberg A Level Branch) Lahore to brutal torture and the video of the incident was put on social media.

A cousin of the victim, Hayat Sajjad, posted a video on social media, stating that his cousin had no personal issue but was severely tortured by twenty-five boys for no reason.

“My cousin, who had his exams going on, went to a café (which is also a snooker club) with his friends after the exams. My cousin’s friend had been involved in a school fight in which my cousin had no involvement whatsoever (even if he had, it doesn’t justify what happened). Once the guys saw my cousin and his friends, they called for ‘back up’ which happened to be 20-25 big boys, and just launched attack at them”.

“They beat him up so ruthlessly and also broke glass bottles on his head as well as snooker balls. The beating resulted in my cousin getting five stitches in his head and left a hand fractured. The perpetrators recorded the beating and posted it on social media with songs edited in the background. We’ve been feeling quite helpless,” he stated.

Similarly, Hayat’s father informed that Hayat did not know these boys at all.

“These boys have formed ‘Gang-102’ and have thousands of followers on social networks. The boys of this gang also seek money from people to fight and 30 to 35 boys in this gang attack together in whatever incident they are involved in. This is not the first incident of violence involving these boys but they have been involved in many such incidents even before,” he informed.

In the viral video on social media, it can be seen that more than two dozen boys tortured Hayat, but the police named only one student in the FIR of the incident.

When contacted, an official of Gulberg Police Station confirmed the involvement of the gang and said that this gang of boys from private educational institutions in Lahore has 35 members and operates under the name of Gang 102.

According to the said official, this gang of students used to torture boys outside different schools and now a case has been registered against the gang for torturing Hayat Sajjad in Gulberg.

However, according to SP Amara Shirazi, a case has been registered and a student has been arrested.

“The accused had tortured a student in a snooker club and spread fear and panic by uploading videos of the torture on social media,” she added.

Shahab Omer
Shahab Omer
The writer is a member of the staff and can be reached on [email protected]

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