China, Pakistan launch international industry-education cooperation alliance

BEIJING: Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, Moinul Haque said that it was learned that almost ten percent of the youth in Pakistan were unemployed and had no vocational, technical and commercial skills. Meanwhile, with the progress of CPEC, he said the demand for skilled labor force is becoming more and more urgent, China Economic Net (CEN) reported. It is under such backdrop that the seminar was hosted, the Ambassador said.

He was addressing at a seminar on launching ceremony of China-Pakistan International Industry-Education Cooperaation Alliance Initiative held at the China-Pakistan Seminar on “Internet+” International Education and Industry-Education Integration in Beijing on Saturday. The seminar was hosted by China Education Association for International Exchange and Organized by TANG International Education Group and Pakistan’s Embassy in Beijing as part of the 23rd China Annual Conference and Expo for International Education.

He said that a large number of Chinese enterprises were working in Pakistan on such projects. They need skilled labor force”, the Ambassador said, adding, “Recently, I had the opportunity to visit some big names in Shenzhen, China and was impressed by their innovation, hard work and focus on people training. China has emerged as one of the world leaders in AI, computing, IoT, and big data. “We would like to emulate the achievements of China in Pakistan”.

Li Jinsong, President of TANG International Education Group said, Chinese colleges’ investment on modern international education platforms and digital curriculum resources has helped train local Pakistani teachers and provided a large number of scholarships and living allowances for the poorest students in Pakistan to access to learning and life-changing opportunities.

In the same spirit, the China-Pakistan International Industry-Education Cooperation Alliance will facilitate the introduction of 210 Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) disciplines of China to Pakistan, the establishment of 36 TVET excellence centers, the provision of international courses, and the opportunities of pursuing further studies and jobs in China in its following work.

“The alliance has been under preparation since Aug, 2022. It has garnered the support of over 500 of bilateral TVET colleges, universities, and enterprises”, Ammar Muhammad, Secretary General of China-Pakistan International Industry-Education Cooperation Alliance introduced.

“We aim to build a bilateral platform for China and Pakistan to exchange information on industrial and education information, share success stories, and work together in various programs so as to empower Pakistan’s young people, promote employment, support the construction of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), and enhance Pakistan’s export”, he added.

On this occasion, over 20 agreements were signed on bilateral education and industrial cooperation projects.



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