Measles outbreak caused deaths in Kemari, NIH confirms ‘mystery disease’

KARACHI: The Sindh health officials on Thursday disclosed that the National Institute of Health Islamabad has confirmed measles infection in four samples sent for examination.

In the backdrop of several deaths reported in Kemari district from a mysterious disease, blood samples of 13 persons were sent to Islamabad, the health ministry officials said, fearing: “There is a strong possibility of spread of measles in most affected Ali Muhammad Goth.”

A child patient of measles was died last night, according to health officials.

“The villagers of the area were used to lockdown ailing patients in closed rooms,” health ministry disclosed.

“Dengue fever has been confirmed in one of the blood samples sent to the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Islamabad,” health ministry sources said.

After reports about deaths by a mysterious disease in Keamari district, recently Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), had denied the possibility of deaths in the area by toxic gas.

“Lack of awareness in local population and negligence of health officials have caused deaths in the area,” officials said.

The officials have recommended actions against the health official of Keamari district and other officials over negligence. Action against also recommended against the officials responsible for lower ratio of vaccination in the area.

There were reports that several people were died after allegedly inhaling of some mysterious toxic gases emitting from factories functioning in residential areas.



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