18 Chinese rescued, 23 missing as boat sinks off Cambodia’s coast

ISTANBUL: Eighteen Chinese foreigners were rescued, while 23 remained missing after their boat capsized off the coast of Cambodia’s southwest province on Thursday evening.

The incident occurred off the shore of Preah Sihanouk province. The boat was carrying 41 Chinese foreigners when it “encountered problems” on open seas between Poi Sary and Koh Tang islets, the daily Khmer Times reported.

Eighteen of the total Chinese onboard have been rescued, and two Cambodian sailors involved in the incident have been arrested.

Chen Gui Sheng, a rescued Chinese passenger, said the group had left the port of Guangzhou in China on Sept. 11 by a speedboat.

Later, they boarded another wooden boat and were joined by two Cambodian guides on Sept. 17. “The boat, however, took in water and started to flounder in heavy seas,” he said.

“A boat came to pick up the two Cambodian guides, but left the 41 Chinese adrift in the boat,” Chen said.

The Chinese embassy in Cambodia has confirmed the incident and stated that a search was going on for their missing citizens.

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