Chinese, Pakistani journalists vow to counter negative propaganda by western media

ISLAMABAD: Media experts and journalists from China and Pakistan have vowed to carry forward the spirit of steel friendship and to jointly thwart the negative propaganda and fake news by the western media against China and Pakistan.

The pledge was made by media professionals from China and Pakistan at the concluding ceremony of an online seminar on “Young Media Professionals for Pakistan” hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and hosted by China Radio and TV Corp. for International Techno-Economic Cooperation(CRTV).

At the closing ceremony, Mr. He Dongbo, Deputy General Manager of CRTV was chief guest and also delivered a speech. At the same time, Pakistan media elites of this seminar including COO of DiploMag Ms. Sadia Khan, chief reporter Mr. Hussain Zawar and Mr. Jawad Ahmed of INP Wealthpk all gave enthusiastic speeches at the closing ceremony. The speakers expressed great interest in the latest industry technology and Chinese traditional culture shared in this seminar.

At the same time, both China and Pakistan have explained the steel friendship between the two countries, which is more precious than gold, and will continue to deepen this steel friendship.

The seminar, which started on August 18 and lasted for 21 days in total, was attended by 20 journalists from various media groups of Pakistan, which effectively promoted the industrial exchanges between China and Pakistan in new media technologies and media development directions as Pakistan was hit by floods.

Mr. He Dongbo said the whole country of China is donating to Pakistan in terms of funds, materials and other aspects. We look forward to the recovery of the affected Pakistani people from the floods as soon as possible, he added.

He said the training class happened to arrange courses such as “construction of emergency broadcasting system” and “how to improve the coverage rate of radio and television signals in remote mountain areas”, which have a targeted effect on how to conduct emergency communication in case of sudden disasters. The lecturer and the Pakistani media have conducted in-depth communication on this system.

In addition to the exchanges in the frontier radio and television media field, Ms. Yang Jie, chairman of Henan Calligrapher’s Association of China, was specially invited to give a lecture on “great beauty – Chinese calligraphy” and wrote two precious works for Pakistani friends on the spot.

Master Xu Huaixi, a famous Chinese ceramic master, inheritor of Chinese intangible cultural heritage and inheritor of Shouzhou kiln, was invited to explain the essence of Chinese ceramic culture and display many exquisite works of Shouzhou kiln.

Ms. Qian Xiangfen, a master of Chinese Purple clay culture and arts, gave us the course “the charm of Purple clay culture and art” and displayed many of Ms. Qian Xiangfen’s proud works.

Professor Gan Qingqiong, a famous painter from the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University, was invited to give you the course “ancient, broad and profound Chinese painting”, which explained the principle of Chinese painting from a macro perspective, and presented three exquisite paintings to Pakistani friends.

The courses of Chinese traditional culture taught by the above masters have been highly praised by everyone, which have effectively promoted the cultural exchanges between China and Pakistan and enhanced the profound friendship between the iron brothers of the two countries.

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