Civil Aviation Authority leases out six-acre land to Pakistan Customs at the rate of Rs1 only

— Documents reveal Customs would get possession of the land once Rs1 is paid

ISLAMABAD: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has leased out a six-acre piece of land to Pakistan Customs at the Islamabad International Airport (IIAP) Islamabad for a period of 30 years at a token money of one rupee only.

Document available with this scribe that CAA has allotment of six acre of CAA land for construction of Pakistan Customs Residential Complex at Islamabad International Airport (IIAP) Islamabad.

As per the terms and conditions, CAA will charge one time token premium of Rs1 only and the Lease will be governed under CAA Land Lease Policy 2019.

A reference is made to Pakistan Customs regarding the allocation of land for construction of Customs Complex at IIAP Islamabad. The letter stated that consequent upon decision by the CAA Board in its 188th meeting held on July 29, 2021, necessary approval is conveyed for grant of lease of land measuring six (06) acres (29,040 sq. yds.) to Pakistan Customs being a government department for “Construction of Customs Residential Complex” at Islamabad International Airport without any land rent for a period of 30 years commencing from the date of execution of Lease Deed (extendable for another term of 20 years as per terms & conditions specified in the Special Lease Deed).

In addition, Pakistan Customs shall be responsible to bear the cost of construction and development of residential complexes and it shall pay utility bills and other allied charges of the leased premises/ residential complex.

The lease shall take effect from the date of execution of the Special Lease Deed. Pakistan Customs is requested to deposit the amount of token Premium Rs 1/- in the account of C.0.0/ APM IIAP Islamabad before execution of Special Lease Deed.

On payment of the said amount, the Lease Deed will be executed and thereafter possession of the land will be handed over to Pakistan Customs.

The Lease Deed is required to be executed within thirty (30) days from the receipt of this letter of Award. In this regard, a copy of Special Lease Deed is hereby attached which may be got registered from office of the Registrar of the concerned.


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