Bilawal slams govt over imposition of Rs375bn worth of taxes

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has slammed the federal government for “not sparing a single thing of public’s use from taxation,” saying the decision to impose nearly Rs375 billion worth of taxes on the masses is an “injustice.”

“The government’s decision to impose taxes on phone calls and then immediately retracting the decision shows that it is confused,” said Bilawal in a statement on Sunday.

He said that the federal government is afraid of the public’s reaction to the storm of heavy taxes imposed on them. The PPP chief quipped, “He rejected the pickpocketing of the common man at the behest of the PTIMF.” He vowed to continue unveiling Prime Minister Khan’s anti-people economic measures.”

Two days ago, Bilawal had condemned the budget proposed by the federal government, calling it an “economic attack on Pakistanis”.

The PPP chairman, in a statement, said PTI would not be permitted to “play with the nation’s future”, vowing his party would not allow Prime Minister Imran Khan “to conduct an economic massacre of the people.”

Reiterating PM Imran Khan was “deaf, dumb, and blind” to the plight of the average citizen, he said: “The year might have changed, but the conditions of the people remain the same. A poor man’s house is still being deprived of necessities.”

Condemning PM Khan for his “lack of empathy towards the underprivileged”, Bilawal said through the new budget, the premier had made his “enmity” towards the poor people clear. “He has exposed his anti-people agenda with the new budget,” he said.

The PPP chairman said that while the government was busy presenting “false facts” through the Economic Survey 2020-21 and claiming that the nation is flourishing, government employees protested against inflation outside the Parliament.

“People are now retaliating because they are aware of the puppet prime minister’s empty promises,” he said, adding: “They know it is Imran Khan’s habit to talk big and do nothing. He is incompetent and has completely failed to provide relief to the common man.”


  1. Why can’t any oppositions in governments’ love and honestly try improving their own country to be equally progressive like the country they love to run to or, sending their children to go to get foreign academic degrees..?? What kinds of Slave are these opposition leaders actually are..?? Why always oppose and why not propose together instead..?
    Why not make Pakistan like an example, like Singapore..?? Why many shameless Pakistani’s are only Money Hungry people..? Why they run to foreign countries to eat and enjoy, why can’t they make sure to eat and enjoy where they earn their looted money..?? They are certainly crazy sick and satanic minded for sure.


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