Pakistan has over 48,000 under-trial prisoners, SC told | Pakistan Today

Pakistan has over 48,000 under-trial prisoners, SC told

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) on Wednesday submitted its response in the Supreme Court regarding the number of prisoners in jails, saying that more than half of the prison population was under trial.

In the report, SCBA President Qalb-e-Hassan said the number of convicted prisoners in prisons across the country was 25,456, whereas the number of under-trial prisoners in the country was 48,008, it added.

There were 1,527 people over the age of 60 in 114 prisons.

According to the report, over 1,184 women were imprisoned across the country, while 140 newborns were also locked up with mothers in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa jails.

The report said more than 33 per cent of the extra prisoners were kept in various prisons across the country.

The report said there were 58 vacancies of the psychiatrist and 108 vacancies of doctors were lying vacant in the jails.

It said no ambulance service was available in 10 per cent of Punjab’s jails. Around 2,400 people were suffering from deadly diseases, such as AIDS and hepatitis, it said.

In Punjab alone, 66 disabled prisoners were locked up in different jails, the report added.

The number of TB patients in prisons was 173 and 594 prisoners suffered from mental illness in various jails across the country, it added.