Govt imposes 30-day travel ban on PTM’s Gulalai Ismail | Pakistan Today

Govt imposes 30-day travel ban on PTM’s Gulalai Ismail

ISLAMABAD: Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) activist Gulalai Ismail was blacklisted on Monday for reportedly delivering “seditious speeches and inciting people to attack state institutions”.

Blacklisting means that Gulalai has been put on a temporary 30-day travel ban.

A case had also been registered against Gulalai for making an “anti-state speech and inciting” Pashtun community against the government and armed forces. The case also included Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act 1999 (ATA).

The FIR (First Information Report) read that Gulalai delivered an “anti-state and hate speech during a protest rally organized in Islamabad against murder and alleged rape of 10-year-old girl Farishta”.

Earlier, Gulalai Ismail was briefly apprehended by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) at Islamabad Airport upon her arrival from London. She was taken to FIA Headquarters where she was briefly interrogated and was later allowed to go.

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