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India ‘sadly mistaken’ equating freedom fighters with terrorists: PM Nawaz

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Monday (today) said India was “sadly mistaken” to equate freedom fighters with terrorists and vowed Pakistan’s continued support to Kashmir cause.

“I am committed to the Kashmir cause. No power in the world can stop us from supporting the freedom struggle of Kashmiris,” the prime minister said while chairing a meeting of PML-N’s Central Working Committee held here.

The Prime Minister stressed that Burhan Wani, the Kashmiri youth martyred by Indian security forces, was a freedom fighter and the “pride of Kashmiris”.

“No one can deprive him [Wani] of that pride,” he said.

On energy crisis, the Prime Minister said his government was working day and night to overcome energy shortage and vowed to end power load shedding by 2018.

He said more than 10,000 mega watts of electricity would be added to the national grid by 2018.

He mentioned that land for construction of Bhasha dam had been acquired, for which an amount of Rs 100 billion had been released.

The Prime minister said mining process had been started in Thar and also coal-based power plant were being installed, which he said, “never happened in 70 years”.

The prime minister recalled that since assumption of power in 2013, the government had been facing several challenges, however, was overcoming these satisfactorily.

He said terrorist activities were reduced significantly and the economy had been strengthened.

PM Nawaz mentioned that the Karachi operation started with the consultation of all stakeholders, was yielding positive results.

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  1. Krish said:

    Oh Yes. Mr. Prime Minister, you have a great sense of humor. Osama bin Laden….remember him? He also was a freedom fighter right? Ha ha…good luck with your theory. By the way using the same yard stick will you look at agitated people of Balochinstan? They too are freedom fighters right? Mr. Prime Minister, thank you for supporting Baloch cause! Reading views expressed by Pakistan diplomats and politicians has been so much of fun. This is the best entertainment indeed! Y

  2. Ranjith singh said:

    By this theory we have not only to give asylum to Me.Bugthi. but also suport all Baluch freedom fighters and sindh freedom fighters..Because its Your way so Indians must follow.

  3. Eddied said:

    the same Pakistani leadership that thinks Afgan Taliban are freedom fighters?…they are terrorists who refuse to talk peace…nothing more…Pakistan's reputation as a producer of terrorists infecting the region is secured because of this blind support for fanatics…

  4. ❌⭕ said:

    “ISLAMIC TERRORISM” in the name of god
    “ISLAMIC TERRORISM” p___ be upon him
    “ISLAMIC TERRORISM” Ullah hoe Akbér
    “ISLAMIC TERRORISM” Religion of p___

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