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Mobile phone operators top in registration of complaints with PTA

Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) topped in term of complaints registered with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) during 2012 which was 71% of total grievances of different nature.
The regulator in its annual report revealed that it had received more than 33,310 complaints from users against telecom operators, of which 99 percent complaints were addressed and resolved.
These consumer complaints were against cellular operators, fixed line, wireless, broadband, LDIs and other telecom licensed operators. The PTA said that 71% of total received complaints were against cellular operators with over 120 million subscribers base while 27 per cent out of total complaints were against Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) which has just 3.5 million customers.
During the period there was not a single complaint registered with regulator against Long Distance International (LDI) while 1 % complaints against Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and 1% against Wireless Local Loop (WLL).
Regarding nature of complaints, the PTA said for misuse of service the share was 43.5 %, for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) 20.4 %, for illegal practices 17.3 %, poor customer services 2.9 %, provision of services 2.1 %, Value Added Services (VAS) and package 2.5 %, matter relating to billing 3.1 %, verification issues 2.1 %, quality of service 3.6 % and others 2.6 %.
Moreover, out of total 6,352 complaints against country’s largest mobile phone operator – Mobilink, the Authority addressed 6,343 grievances, out of total 4,881 complaints against Telenor, 4,867 were addressed, of the total 4,692 complaints against Ufone, 4,682 were addressed, of the total 3,216 complaints against Warid, 3,205 were addressed and of the total 2,491 against Zong, 2482 were addressed.
It said majority of the complaints against PTCL during the period were for faulty and disruption in services.

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  1. Shah said:

    The nature of the report is in question. Personally, I would tend to look upon how many complaints were resolved instead of how many were filed. Network & infrastructure are two major problems causing hindrance, The complete report also indicates that PTCL also resolved record no. of complaints. Obviously PTCL would have the lion share of complaints against her because of the sheer size of their consumer base.

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