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Policing Afghans in Pakistan

Be careful when you tread through the marshes     Any knee jerk measures aimed at only throwing out Afghans from Pakistan would further complicate the latter’s own security along the Durand


Waiting on the gavel to fall

Inside the Supreme Court’s Panama Leaks verdict   “Consider this most likely scenario: If the court’s intent is to salvage its own standing than expect a verdict whose pivot is focused on


Blame game over terror

Still not doing the right thing Not only do militant groups still retain the capacity to carry out attacks all across the country but they appear to have organised again, perhaps by

Pakistan’s parallel legal system

Over to jirgas and panchayats It’s not the popularity of the system which apparently makes it widely acceptable in society; rather it’s the feudal nature of this society where tribal political elites

Aid and aided economy

Pakistan’s financial hangover   “For China, while Pakistan offers a perfect geostrategic location to implement its global “One Belt One Road” project, the revival of the letter’s economy and infrastructure – that

Unravelling the PPP

  Father or son; which will it be?   During Zardari’s absence from Pakistan, the young chairman of the party made several uncompromising promises which he vowed to uphold to whatever the


The good and bad of 2016

How did Pakistan do?   2016 saw Pakistan making some significant gains as for as its counter terrorism drive is concerned. Without a doubt, the former military chief’s era, particularly the outgoing

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump speaks at a rally as part of their "USA Thank You Tour 2016" in Cincinnati, Ohio, December 1, 2016 .REUTERS/William Philpott

Trump: Pakistan’s Catch-22

Could things get messy in the months ahead? Islamabad’s action or inaction against militants based in the country’s tribal and urban areas is likely to become the first talking point when the


PPP’s revival

Back to basics?   The very common answer which one hears while talking to a committed PPP voter is that “I support the PPP because of Benazir or her father rather than

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Pakistan’s debt trap 2.0 The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) continues to find itself in controversy. In this regard, two narratives have run parallel: one is aimed at highlighting the project’s potential