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‘Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor’: First teaser trailer is out

The teaser trailer of Pakistan’s animated movie, “Allahyar & The Legend of Markhor” was released on Sunday and it looks impressive, to say the least.

Not much is known about the release date of the movie as yet but we do have a feeling that children along with their parents are going to thoroughly enjoy this one… or at least that’s what the teaser makes us want to believe!

Opening with an uplifting instrumental and a bird flying across jungles and mountains, the teaser ends with the introduction to a boy (seemingly Allahyar) and his animal friends. The picture quality of the movie looks promising and the teaser has all the elements of a good teaser trailer. So yes, we can’t wait for the trailer now!

So yes, we can’t wait for the full-length trailer now!

The movie has been produced by 3rd World Studios which was formed last year in Islamabad, headed by Uzair Zaheer Khan, a veteran of the animation industry in Pakistan. Their new studio was exclusively formed to produce animated films for Pakistan cinema.

Speaking to the media earlier, Uzair said that ‘Allahyar &The Legend of Markhor’ is an epic tale of friendship about a boy who can converse with animals. The story celebrates mother nature and has a powerful narrative that will emphasise upon the often neglected relationship of human beings with the mother nature.

According to singer-songwriter, Ali Noor, he’d be playing the villain in the movie. ‘It is going to change a lot of lives,’ he mentioned in his vlog. The film is also said to feature Natasha Humera Ejaz in a leading role, who will also be working on the official soundtrack of the film.

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