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USSR collapse: 20 years on

The cataclysmic collapse 20 years ago of the Soviet Union, an empire which bound republics from Europe to Asia for seven decades, unleashed conflict, instability and poverty that are still felt today.

America’s locust years

It is hard right now to write about American political economy. Nobody knows whether the debt-ceiling tripwire will be evaded; if so, how; or what will happen if it is not. If

Govt obtains $23.7b loans in last three years

The incumbent Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government has set a record by imprudently obtaining loans amounting to $23.7 billion from various international financial institutions (IFI) and other bilateral donors in the last

Commemorative postage stamp on 50 years of SUPARCO

Pakistan Post has issued a commemorative Rs 8 denomination postage stamp on 16th September to commemorate Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO)’s 50th year. The national space agency was established