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Weekly SPI increases by 0.53pc

The rise in prices of kitchen items including chicken, beef, mutton, sugar, wheat flour, rice, onion and fresh milk has pushed up the weekly food inflation by 0.53 percent to 16.65 in

Weekly inflation increases by 0.48pc

ISLAMABAD – The Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI), for the week ended 07 April, for the lowest income group up to Rs.3,000, has registered an increase of 0.48 percent over the previous week. Provisional figures from the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) revealed that SPI, for the week under review in the above mentioned group, was recorded at 300.16 points as against 298.73 points in the previous week.
The weekly SPI has been computed with base 2000 2001=100 covering 17 urban

APCNGA divided over two-day weekly closure

LAHORE – After not getting an encouraging response from its members, the All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) decided to postpone the violation of the two-day weekly closure of CNG stations, Pakistan Today has learnt.
The APCNGA had planned to violate the two-day weekly closure by opening CNG stations in Lahore region on Monday and Tuesday but its members did not give an encouraging response, which compelled the APCNGA to drop the idea of violating the ban, sources said. Last