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More families return after Waziristan offensive

More families return after Waziristan offensive

ISLAMABAD: Dozens of families have returned to South Waziristan with UN and government help to rebuild their lives after major fighting against the Taliban, a UN official said Sunday.
Thirty-five families were returned Sunday with 48 families already having resettled on Saturday under a repatriation process due continue until next year, the official said. “Thirty-five families left today from northwestern city of Tank to return home,” UN refugee agency (UNHCR) spokeswoman Ariane

US drone strike kills six in Waziristan

MIRANSHAH: A US drone attack killed six suspected militants in Pakistan’s tribal belt on Sunday, security officials said, a day after Islamabad rejected reports the covert missile campaign could expand.
The officials said two missiles slammed into a compound in Khaddi village, 15 kilometres (10 miles) east of Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan and considered a hub for Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked militants. “The compound and vehicle parked nearby were destroyed in the

Drone missiles kill three militants in North Waziristan

PESHAWAR: At least three militants were killed and one injured when a vehicle was hit by two missiles fired by US drones in North Waziristan on Friday.
A vehicle carrying suspected militants near Machikhel village in Mirali area was hit by two missiles, killing the three men and injuring the fourth.
“Two missiles were fired on a vehicle.
So far three militants are confirmed killed in this attack,” a senior security official said.
The identity of killed could not

Drone strike kills 20 in North Waziristan

PESHAWAR: At least 20 people were killed and another four injured when a US drone fired twopp missiles at a compound and a vehicle in use by militants in Gharoos Hassan Khel village of North Waziristan Agency
on Tuesday.
Reports from Miranshah, headquarters of North Waziristan, said a US drone fired four missiles on a house and vehicle in Ghulam Khan tehsil near the Pak-Afghan border. Soon after the attack, militants cordoned off the site and did not let tribesmen to help

US drones kill nine militants in Waziristan

MIRANSHAH: US drone strikes targeted militant vehicles in North Waziristan Agency on Sunday, killing nine terrorists, security officials said. Two missiles were fired at a vehicle soon after it left a militant compound near Miranshah, a security official said.
“The attack blew up the vehicle and also damaged the compound. Five militants were killed, they had been inside the vehicle, which was destroyed in the attack,” the official said from Miranshah. Another official, in the

Militants kill man in North Waziristan

PESHAWAR: The militants shot Khatibullah to death on Tuesday in their own judicial procedure in North Waziristan, after labeling him as American spy, the tribal sources said.
Khatibullah, a 25 year-old from Mosaki village in North Waziristan, was kidnapped from the market two weeks ago by some unidentified armed men.
A newly emerged militant group named as the Jaish-e-Khurassan or Ittehad-e-Khurassan killed Khatibullah on the charges of spying for the American forces.

Drone kills six in Waziristan

PESHAWAR: At least six suspected militants were killed and another two injured when a US drone targeted a compound in Haider Khel village near North Waziristan’s Mirali town on Monday.
Reports said the house was in use by militants and was hit by two missiles, which destroyed a major portion of the building. Following the attack, the United States drone continued hovering over the area, disrupting rescue operation.
The identity of those killed had not been ascertained so

US drone strike kills five militants in North Waziristan

MIRANSHAH: A US missile strike by a drone killed at least five militants in Pakistan’s North Waziristan Agency on Monday, security officials said.
The attack targeted militants sleeping at a compound in Haider Khel village of Mir Ali district in North Waziristan, 25 kilometres east of Miranshah. “Five militants were killed,” said a senior security official on condition of anonymity.
“The drone fired two missiles,” he added. “The compound belonged to local tribesman Ahmad Ali

No foreign dictation on N Waziristan operation: FM

MULTAN: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Saturday that Pakistan would not accept any external pressure and that it would decide about the military operation in North Waziristan keeping in view its requirements, resources and priorities.
Talking to journalists at the Multan airport, Qureshi said the whole world had acknowledged Pakistan’s sacrifice in the war on terror and it was making sincere efforts. “Our people and even shrines are being targeted by terrorists,”

Six killed in drone strike in N Waziristan

PESHAWAR: Six suspected terrorists were killed and several others injured when a US drone targeted a militant compound in Ismael Khel area of Datta Khel region in North Waziristan on Thursday.
The drone attack was the third strike in less than 24 hours. The compound targeted was in use by militants and was hit by two missiles. The identity of killed and injured could not be ascertained, but locals said they included local and foreign militants. A day earlier, seven people were

‘Fresh but targeted offensive in North Waziristan soon’

Keeping in view the American frustration and also the pressure that they have been building, a fresh but targeted offensive in North Waziristan can be started soon, an official said on Wednesday.
He said US President Barack Obama conveyed the same message of urgency when he called President Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday. He said the American president did not go into specifics during his conversation with the president but he urged him to go for more and urgent

Rising drone attacks hint at strengthened CIA spy network in Waziristan

The almost daily drone attacks in North Waziristan are reflective of the expanded CIA-trained-and-financed human spy network and its infiltration into the Taliban and Al Qaeda militant groups.
Intelligence officials and tribesmen familiar with the developments in South and North Waziristan told Pakistan Today that the number of spies, trained and funded by CIA, has been rising and mysterious movements could be seen across the region.
An intelligence official

Drone strike kills another seven militants in N Waziristan

At least seven suspected militants were killed and another injured when a drone targeted a terrorist compound in Shewa area of North Waziristan on Sunday.
Shewa is situated on the juncture of North Waziristan with both Thall area of Hangu district and Kurram Agency. Shewa is considered a transit station for militants traveling across the region.
The drone fired four missiles at the compound, also destroying two vehicles parked outside.
The identity of

US drones kill 9 Taliban in North Waziristan

Two suspected US missile strikes have killed nine people in North Waziristan, intelligence and security officials said on Friday.
One strike on Friday evening in the town of Mohammad Khel killed four Taliban and a second in Datta Khel killed five, two officials said.
In the second strike, a US drone fired two missiles on a militant compound in Charkhel village, in the Dattakhel area, 25 kilometres west of Miranshah, security officials said.
One security official in