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Kuwaiti youths urge PM ouster, reforms

Hundreds of Kuwaiti youths have rallied for the ouster of the oil-rich Gulf state’s prime minister and for democratic reforms to resolve an ongoing political crisis. Protesting for the fourth straight week

Pakistan, US urge tolerance

WASHINGTON – Pakistani and US leaders pleaded Wednesday for religious tolerance at a memorial service in Washington for Shahbaz Bhatti. Husain Haqqani, Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington, said he decided to hold a service for Bhatti at the embassy as there was an “unconscionable silence” by many Pakistanis who in their hearts are respectful of other faiths. “When Shahbaz Bhatti was murdered and we remain silent, some of us have died with him,” Haqqani told the service attended by US

Urge to smoke proves lethal for ‘terrorist’

KARACHI – A n explosion ripped off the roof of a house in the Korangi area on Saturday, while killing one person and injuring two others. Police said a man identified as Zulfiqar Kolachi was killed in the blast near Gulzar Mosque in the Jumma Goth area of Ibrahim Hyderi, Korangi. The two injured men, detained by the police, were identified as Ismail Kolachi, 25, and Sadruddin, 22, while the law enforcers also arrested two more suspects named Faisal Shar and Mobeen Shar from the spot.

Pyramid guides urge tourists to return to Egypt

CAIRO – Hundreds of Egyptian tour guides gathered on Monday in the shadow of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids to urge tourists to return to the country following the fall of Hosni Mubarak’s regime. The upheaval of recent weeks and media coverage of days of violent clashes have combined to scare off visitors and stifle Egypt’s key tourism industry, threatening thousands of jobs.
Inspired by the success of political protests in bringing down the regime, workers in several public

Five EU nations urge immediate transition in Egypt

PARIS – Five EU nations urged an immediate political transition to end violent unrest in Egypt, in a joint statement on Thursday by Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. “Only a quick and orderly transition to a broad-based government will make it possible to overcome the challenges Egypt is now facing,” said the statement. “That transition process must start now.”
Egypt’s long-standing president Hosni Mubarak is facing mass protests calling for him to quit power, which

Rice exporters urge government support

LAHORE – Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) Vice Chairman Taufiq Ahmed Khan has pointed out that despite limited source, REAP members had exported 4.6 million tonnes of rice to different parts of the world in 2009-10.
He was addressing a delegation of 34-member newly inducted officers of Commerce and Trade Group, along with Pakistan Institute of Trade And Development (PITAD) Assistant Director Shafiq Haider Virk and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)

Speakers urge debt cancellation for rehabilitation of flood survivors

KARACHI – Civil society activists on Thursday termed foreign debt a political issue rather than an economical one that is used as a tool for domination over the poor country.
Delivering presentations at a seminar titled ‘Debt Cancellation for Rehabilitation,’ organised by the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) in collaboration with Oxfam, the speakers demanded the cancellation of debts to help flood survivors. The seminar was a part of series of a debt cancellation campaign.

Rights groups urge Spain to probe Guantanamo boss

MADRID – Human rights groups on Friday said they have asked a Spanish judge to subpoena the former US commander of the Guantanamo detention camp to explain his alleged role in the torture of detainees.
The US-based Center for Constitutional Rights and the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights asked a judge probing alleged torture at the US naval base in Cuba to question Major General Geoffrey Miller, who ran the centre from November 2002 until April 2004.

Ambassadors urge Haiti to trust in vote review committee

PORT-AU-PRINCE: Key ambassadors to Haiti called on the country’s leaders to resolve a post-election crisis, which has been aggravated by a controversial vote recount expected to begin on Monday.
Envoys from the United Nations, the United States, the Organization of American States and the European Union urged Haiti’s presidential candidates to avoid violence by pursuing legal means to challenge the election results. The joint statement, on the eve of a Provisional Electoral

Tutu, Havel urge China to release Nobel Peace Prize winner

LONDON: Archbishop Desmond Tutu and former Czech president Vaclav Havel on Sunday demanded “the unconditional release” of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, in an article published by a British newspaper.
Ahead of the Peace Prize award ceremony in Oslo on Friday and writing in The Observer, Tutu and Havel said the dissident’s imprisonment was “sadly emblematic of the Chinese government’s intolerance to individual expression”.
The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in October

Lawyers laud SC verdict, urge MPs to implement it

Hailing Supreme Court’s interim order on the 18th Amendment, the top jurists of the country have demanded of the parliament to incorporate SC’s recommendations on Article 175-A which deals with the appointment of superior court judges.
They said that it was now imminent to bring another (19th) Amendment and get it passed from the parliament to implement SC’s interim order; otherwise after the passage of three-months – till the next hearing on 18th Amendment case,

Cancel Pakistan debts, urge campaigners

The anti debt campaigners in Pakistan called on the donor countries as well as the international financial institution (IFIs) to cancel all foreign debt of Pakistan owed to bilateral and multilateral creditors besides an immediate freeze on foreign debt repayments of Pakistan, here on Sunday.
Talking to the media at Lahore press club, the Campaign for Abolition of Third World Debt (CADTM) international member for Belgium Stephanie Jacquemont, who is currently visiting Pakistan to