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Terror in Tripoli as Gaddafi set for battle

TRIPOLI – Terrified residents on Saturday braced for bloody battles in an eerily quiet Tripoli after Moamer Gaddafi’s forces prepared to defend the city from a rebellion controlling much of the rest of the country.
UN Security Council envoys embarked on tough negotiations over how to sanction the Libyan leader for his deadly offensive on opposition protesters. The escalating revolt to overthrow Gaddafi, which a Libyan diplomat to the UN said has killed thousands, has seen

Pakistanis asked to contact embassy in Tripoli

ISLAMABAD – The Foreign Office said on Saturday that Pakistani expatriates had been advised to maintain close contact with their embassy in Tripoli owing to deteriorating situation there.
Foreign Office Spokesperson Tehmina Janjua said the Foreign Ministry was closely following the developments in Libya and added that a special task force had been set up in the ministry to monitor the situation round the clock and to provide assistance to the Pakistani expatriates.

Tripoli clashes claim 160 lives

CAIRO/LONDON – Clashes in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Monday left 160 people dead, Arabiya television quoted eyewitnesses as saying. The Arab satellite channel gave the number in a newsflash, without providing further details. Tripoli residents gave conflicting reports on Monday, with some saying they could hear gunfire in the Libyan capital and a political activist telling Al Jazeera warplanes were bombing the city.
“We don’t know what is going on, all we can hear are