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PA demands apology from US for killing tribesmen

PA demands apology from US for killing tribesmen

LAHORE – The Punjab Assembly (PA) unanimously demanded an apology from the US over the drone attack on a peace jirga in tehsil Ditta Khail of North Waziristan in which over 40 innocent citizens died, through a resolution on Friday. The legislators collectively demanded Pakistani government raise the issue of innocent citizens’ killing at international level. The resolution, expressing grief over the killing of 40 civilians in Thursday’s attack, demanded the government adopt a clear

NWA tribesmen protest drone attacks

PESHAWAR – A large number of tribesmen on Friday staged a rally in Miranshah in a bid to force the US to end drone attacks in the tribal belt.
Chanting slogans against the US, the government and what they called pro-American politicians, the protesters reached the city from the surrounding areas in large processions. They held placards and banners inscribed with their demand for “ending drone attacks” in the Tribal Areas.
Maulvi Gul Behram, Maulana Mohammad Kalim, Haji Azmat

‘Drone attacks pushing tribesmen closer to militants’

ISLAMABAD – Calling drone attacks counter-productive, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Wednesday said the attacks were bringing the tribes closer to militants.
“Pakistan’s military and political leadership distanced local tribes from the militants, but these attacks are creating sympathy for militants among the locals,” he said in the National Assembly, adding that Pakistan was asking US to give it drone technology.
“We asked the US that you share intelligence with us

Tribesmen resent Muharram security measures in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: The tribesmen on Friday rejected the district administration’s security plane for the Muharram citing that it would deny them entry to the metropolitan.
They said it was discriminatory decision as it implied as if all the tribesmen were terrorist or saboteurs. On 24 November, the district administration had imposed Section-144 and banned wall-chalking, use of tinted glasses in the vehicle, pillion-riding and brandishing weapons at the public places.