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Tribesmen revolt against Mangal over Hasham’s execution

SITUATIONER – Split and differences among various militant groups are intensifying day by day while clashes among the militants of once strong and united Lashkar-i-Islam, headed by Mangal Bagh, have been in progress for two days in Bazaar area of Tirrah Valley. The rifts erupted among the ranks of Lashkar-i-Islam a couple of days back when its top commander Mangal Bagh ordered execution of Maulana Muhammad Hasham, a respectable religious figure of Zakhakhel clan of Afridi tribe.

Tribesmen refuse US drone strike compensation

PESHAWAR – Families of the tribesmen killed and injured in the deadly US drone strike on a tribal jirga on Thursday refused to accept the government’s compensation and demanded a halt to US drone strikes in the region. The government had announced Rs 300,000 (about $3,530) each person killed and Rs 100,000 for each injured. Over 40 tribesmen were killed and many others injured in a drone strike on a jirga of council of tribal elders in Datta Khel area of North Waziristan on March 17.

Tribesmen in cricket frenzy

MIRANSHAH – Tribesmen were cleaning their guns and collecting explosives for gunfire Wednesday fir cricket World Cup semi-final. The North Waziristan region near the Afghan border, which is infested by Taliban and Al-Qaeda linked militants and is target of repeated US drone attacks, ground to a halt like cities and towns across the country.
Awash with light and heavy weapons, the tribal belt — described by Washington as the most dangerous place in the world — is cricket-crazy

Tribesmen, students rally against drone attacks

PESHAWAR – Tribesmen and students from various organisations on Saturday staged demonstrations here, endorsing the decision of a war on the United States to protest the US drone attack on a traditional jirga in the Data Khel area of North Waziristan. Students from different educational institutions staged demonstrations in front of Peshawar Press Club. They were followed by elders from North Waziristan. They also chanted slogans against the US and Pakistani authorities.

Tribesmen declare war on America

PESHAWAR – Denouncing US drone attacks on innocent people, tribal elders from the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan Agency have declared “war on the US”, saying several “American generations will remember our revenge”. Addressing a press conference in Peshawar on Friday, Malik Jalal Khan said, “All victims of the US drones were innocent tribesmen.”
Flanked by other elders from Utman Wazir tribe, dominating Datta Khel region, Jalal said, “We are the people who have continued