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Pakistan expects at least 25 mln tonnes from 2010/11 wheat crop

Pakistan expects at least 25 mln tonnes from 2010/11 wheat crop

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan is expected to produce at least 25 million tonnes of wheat in the 2010/11 crop, Finance Minister Hafiz Shaikh said on Friday, higher than the initial estimate.
“We are expecting that our wheat crop this year will cross 25 million tonnes,” he told reporters.
Pakistan was expecting to produce 23.5 million tonnes of wheat against a targeted 25 million tonnes because of massive floods in the country last year. But Shaikh said the country would surpass its

Cement sales likely to touch 23 million tonnes

KARACHI – Local cement sales are likely to be in the vicinity of 23 million tonnes in FY11, down by an annual two percent. In addition, a demand rebound by seven percent in FY12 is expected due to reconstruction of infrastructure damage, caused by floods.
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has recently announced $650 million for infrastructure purposes. However, cement export sales are likely to remain flat in FY12, i.e. around nine million tonnes, said Atif Zafar at JS.

LG to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 14 million tonnes

LAHORE – LG Electronics (LG), recently, announced that it is on track to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by almost 14 million tonnes this year, up from its previous record of 12.9 million tons last year. This revised forecast is part of LG’s aim to achieve its goal of 200 million tonnes of cumulative reductions from 2009 through 2020. As part of its “Green 2020” master plan for green growth and sustainable management, LG has been reducing greenhouse gases through improved

Sugar output estimated at 3.4m tonnes

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s sugarcane crushing season is likely to draw to a close with the production of 3.4 million tonnes of sugar and the country is not likely to face any sugar crisis as high prices have reduced consumption of sugar. According to an official source, mills have so far produced 3.2 million tons of sugar and they were likely to produce another 200,000 tons before the season comes to an end. The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) have stocks of 445,000 tons from the

ECC permits wheat export of 3m tonnes

LAHORE – Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet has permitted the export of three million tonnes of wheat in its meeting. Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in this connection has directed all Customs collectorates to ensure the smooth export of wheat from their respective ports. FBR has directed Customs Collectors to effectively coordinate on daily basis – personally as well as electronically – to ensure that the export of wheat form Pakistan from all export stations does

Sindh to procure 1.5 tonnes of wheat

KARACHI – The Sindh government has decided to procure at least 1.5 metric tonnes of wheat at a total cost of Rs 35 billion, during the wheat procurement season starting from March 15, 2011, Pakistan Today has reliably learnt. The Sindh government could not enhance the wheat procurement target due to low-productivity of the crop after catastrophic floods badly hit crops in almost all districts of the province. The wheat procurement target last year was 1.5 metric tonnes. Moreover,

Over 500,000 tonnes of wheat exported

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan has exported 500,000 tonnes of wheat, while exporters have made agreements with provincial food departments to lift a total of 1.4 million tonnes of wheat in the next few weeks, an official source told Pakistan Today on Sunday.
In December, the government had allowed the export of 1 million tonnes of wheat out of the available surplus of 2 million tonnes, the source said. The government would not impose any limits on wheat export till the exportable surplus

Government to import 225,000 tonnes of urea

ISLAMABAD – The Ministry of Industries and Production Sunday said the government had decided to import a total 225,000 tonnes of urea aimed at controlling the essential fertiliser’s prices in the country. According to the ministry, the urea price has increased from Rs 841 per 50 kg bag in October 2010 to Rs 1060 per in January 2011 by the manufacturers claiming it to be a consequence of the curtailed gas supply and loss in production.
However, they have also made commitment that

Govt to buy 6.5m tonnes of wheat in 2011

ISLAMABAD – The government has announced that it would procure 6.5 million tonnes of wheat from farmers at an official support price of Rs 950 per 40 kilogram as a bumper wheat crop of 23 million tonnes is expected in the current year. The decision was taken at a ministerial meeting, held to review the existing wheat procurement policy.
The Agriculture Minister Nazar Gondal chaired the meeting, while attendees included Petroleum Minister Syed Naveed Qamar and Minister for Kashmir

Country has 1,339 tonnes of gold reserves, Senate told

ISLAMABAD – Petroleum Minister Naveed Qamar on Tuesday in informed the Senate that Pakistan had 1,339.25 tonnes of gold reserves. During the question answer session in the Senate, Qamar said in a written reply that the country had 1,339.25 tonnes of gold reserves of which only 7.891 tonnes had been produced in the last five years.
He Pakistan had 1,275.75 tonnes of gold in the Reko Diq area, while the Saindak area had 63.50 tonnes of gold. The minister told the House that

ECC approves 0.225m tonnes of urea import

KARACHI – The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has approved import of over 0.225 million tonnes of urea in order to ensure urea availability in the market. The committee is yet to decide if import would be made through the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) or from private sectors.
However, it is expected that ECC would allow TCP to import urea as the private sector has shown little interest. The ECC, which had earlier favoured import from the private sector, was likely

Ben Ali clan fled with 1.5 tonnes of gold

PARIS – Relatives of the ousted Tunisian leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali are thought to have fled the country with 1.5 tonnes in gold, Le Monde reported Monday, citing French intelligence sources. At Monday’s prices 1.5 tonnes in gold would fetch $65 million dollars (49 million euros) on the open market. According to Le Monde, President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office has been briefed by French intelligence that Leila Trabelsi, Ben Ali’s second wife, withdrew gold ingots from the Tunisian

B’desh to import 0.9m tonnes of rice

DHAKA – Bangladesh will import 900,000 tonnes of rice to boost its stocks to 1.2 million tonnes in the fiscal year ending on June 2011, Food and Disaster Minister Abdur Razzaque said on Friday.
Rice is the main staple of a population of over 150 million, around 38 percent of whom are poor, living on less than $1.0 a day. “To boost the food stocks and make the market stable, we took the decision to import more grains,” Razzaque told Reuters. The ministry had earlier set a target

Two tonnes of opium seized in Pashin

QUETTA – The Quetta Anti-Narcotic Force on Wednesday seized over two tonnes of opium in a raid near the Pak-Afghan border.
Following a tip-off, an ANF party raided a seasonal drain Loi Shin Ghar area in the border district of Pashin and recovered 2,046 kilogrames of opium buried close to the drain. However, no arrest was made in connection with the incident.
The price of the drugs is estimated at Rs 2.53 billion in international market.

0.2 million tonnes of urea arriving in January

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Nazar Muhammad Gondal informed the National Assembly on Friday that the government will import 0.2 million tonnes of urea fertilizer from Saudi Arabia to offset any shortfall.
Replying to queries during the session, the federal minister said that gas load-shedding has adversely affected urea output which would have to be overcome by imports.
The imported urea will arrive in the country by January 2011, he added. The

Bangladesh floats tenders for 100,000 tonnes of wheat and rice

DHAKA: Bangladesh’s state grains buyer issued two tenders on Sunday to import 50,000 tonnes of wheat and 50,000 tonnes of white rice as part of an effort to ensure food security and keep prices stable. The last date of submission of offers for both tenders is December 26 and the grains are to be shipped within 40 days after the signing of deals, a food official said.
The government plans to import 750,000 tonnes of wheat and 600,000 tonnes of rice in the year to June 2011 to

India to export 0.5m tonnes of rice to BD

NEW DELHI: India has allowed 500,000 tonnes of rice exports under a diplomatic deal to neighbouring Bangladesh, which is looking to boost its reserves. “We have intimated the Bangladesh government to purchase rice in the open market (in India),” Junior Farm Minister K V Thomas told reporters on Monday.
India, the world’s second largest rice producer, does not permit free sale of the grain but sends limited stocks overseas to friendly countries. It is not keen on exporting rice