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The TAPI project

Though Pakistan has been facing an energy shortage for quite some time, progress on securing energy sources has been at a speed that is next to zilch. Focus on energy security is

US welcomes TAPI agreement

WASHINGTON – The US has welcomed the four-nation gas pipeline agreement involving India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, hoping that the multi-billion-dollar project would change the face of the region’s economic condition.
“We are pleased with the initial agreements that have been signed on the TAPI (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) project,” the State Department said. “It is important to remember that pipelines are long-term projects with long-term

7,000 Afghan troops to guard TAPI pipeline

KABUL: Afghanistan will deploy up to 7,000 troops to secure a major transnational gas pipeline slated to run through some of the most dangerous parts of the war-torn country, an official said on Sunday.
The pledge comes a day after Turkmenistan signed broad agreements with Afghanistan, India and Pakistan at a summit in its capital Ashgabat on the ambitious venture.
The 1,700-kilometre (1,050-mile) TAPI pipeline, Ashgabat’s dream project that first appeared in 1995, has been

Key TAPI pipeline agreement signed

ASHGABAT: Pakistan on Saturday signed broad agreements with Afghanistan, India, and Turkmenistanat a summit on a transnational gas pipeline, though talks yielded few concrete details.
The 1,700-kilometre TAPI pipeline, Ashgabat’s dream project that first appeared in 1995, has been on hold for many years due to the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan. The presidents of Turkmenistan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan met for the first time to discuss the project, while India was represented

Cabinet okays TAPI gas project

The federal cabinet on Wednesday approved the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline in pursuance of a policy to get the country out its energy crisis.
Briefing reporters at the Governor’s House after the cabinet meeting, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira said, “The project would be unaffected even if India backs out.”
Kaira said Pakistan took Iran into confidence at a time when the world had reservations about it.