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Take to the outdoors

As soon as the city weather became pleasant after the recent rains, people including women and children, thronged public places to make the most of the situation, Pakistan Today has learnt. Lahoris

Robbers take away Rs 5m from bank

At least six Pushto-speaking Afghans looted Rs five million and hidden cameras on Monday afternoon from Bank Al-Habib Sheikhupura branch and fled away in a car. The police blocked all the city

IT maestro gives his take

When Ashraf Kapadia analyses Pakistan’s IT industry, he speaks not only from years of first-hand experience of its evolution and growth, but also from extensive high-level international exposure. Naturally, he begins by

NPLs take toll on NBP

The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) for the last couple of months has been underperforming at the equity market due to the bank’s soaring non-performing loans (NPLs) and the transfer of its