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Exploring effects of social, cultural, religious situations

KARACHI – How the social, cultural and religious situations and manipulations affect one’s mindset and direct us to become who we are is a very interesting process, says artist Amber Hammad. “My work is about these catalysts and their outcomes. What we call a global village has absorbed more things from certain western cultures or countries, instead of flow of energy moving both ways,” Hammad explains. Certain generations of certain places have been affected strangely to have formed a

‘Provision of social services necessary for SAARC’s development’

LAHORE – Provision of social services to the masses, especially the vulnerable sections of society, as well as the development of available human resources has paramount importance for overall development in the SAARC region, Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Chairperson Farzana Raja said on Monday.
She was addressing the inaugural session of the training course on ‘Social Services for Human Resource Development in SAARC Region: Priorities and Programs’, organised by the

Exploring social and gender issues resulting from historical concepts

KARACHI – Anila Qayyum Agha’s artwork is made up of series of collaged drawings that explore how social and gender based issues result from the concepts constructed by history, traditions and the contemporary society.
“My usage of textile processes is inspired by the complicated social issues inherent in the Fibre field. The addition of dyes, wax, coffee or tea stains invoke the history and residual memory of the feminine, of the domestic and add to the depth of meaning conveyed