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Two booze smugglers killed near Batapur

Two smugglers who were bringing liquor from India, were killed by rangers in a village near Batapur early on Saturday morning. According to security officials, at least six smugglers were trying to

High-end smugglers

A nation that cannot protect its history and culture has no past, present or future. Smuggling of centuries old Lord Buddha’s statues, coins and other important items dug from Mohenjodaro, Harrappa, Taxila

CID arrests 7 arms smugglers

The Crime Investigation Department (CID) claimed to have arrested seven arms smugglers, including Police Foundation personnel, and recovered a cache of heavy weaponry, including light machine guns, a rocket launcher and live

Gang of arms smugglers busted

KARACHI – Agang of arms smugglers was busted on Thursday and two arrested in a raid conducted near Hotel Mehran Hotel by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) police. The gang is accused of providing illegal weapons to different groups of gangsters operating in the city – albeit with the assistance of legal arms dealers.
“The two men arrested are Shahzado Bhalkani and Dhabani alias Rabbani, and this gang has links with different ethnic, political, sectarian and terrorist

NATO blocks ‘front door’ for arms smugglers into Libya

NAPLES – A NATO maritime task force charged with preventing arms from entering Libya said on Thursday they cannot be sure of blocking all routes into the country but “are closing the main front door.” “The sea is the easiest, fastest and most direct way to get arms into Libya. We are cutting off that area,” Rinaldo Veri, head of Operation Protector told reporters at NATO’s navy base in Naples, headquarters for the embargo mission. “I hope we can close all the windows, but one thing is

Two arms smugglers held

KARACHI – The Sindh police’s Crime Investigation Department (CID) has arrested two arms smugglers and recovered a huge cache of weapons and ammunition from their possession. During a press conference on Monday, CID SP Mazhar Mashwani said that the CID carried out a raid at Nadeem Centre on the University Road and arrested Sajid Khan and Muhammad Nazeer.
The suspects had arrived from Peshawar for a deal. The CID seized three Kalashnikovs, two 8mm rifles, a repeater, four mortar