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61 dead as Iraq bombs hit Shias

A spate of attacks against Shia pilgrims and neighbourhoods in Iraq killed at least 61 people on Thursday as the country grapples with a weeks-long political row that has stoked sectarian tensions.

3 killed, 4 injured in another attack on Shias

Just three days after 29 Shia pilgrims were assassinated in Balochistan’s Mastung area, three more members of the minority Hazara Shia community were killed and another four injured in an attack on

‘Stop killing Shias in Bahrain, Parachinar’

Majlis-e-Wehdat-e-Muslemeen ((MWM)) Pakistan, Imamia Students Organization, Imamia Ulema and Madaris-e-Dinia organised a rally on Friday against atrocities in Bahrain and killing of Shiites in Parachinar. Hundreds of women, men and children chanted

Bahrain opposition decries crackdown on Shias

MANAMA – The leader of Bahrain’s largest opposition group has urged Saudi Arabia to withdraw its forces and called for a UN inquiry into a crackdown on mainly Shia protesters that has raised tensions in the oil-exporting region.
Bahrain arrested seven opposition leaders on Thursday, a day after its forces moved in to end weeks of pro-democracy protests that have sucked in troops from its fellow Sunni-ruled neighbour and prompted the king to declare martial law. Among those

Troops’ import angers Bahraini Shias

MANAMA – Gulf states were sending troops into the troubled island state of Bahrain on Monday in a move Shia opponents of the Sunni Muslim rulers of the Gulf kingdom said would be a declaration of war. Bahrain, which lies off the coast of Saudi Arabia, called in forces from its Sunni neighbours to put down unrest by its Shia Muslim majority after protesters overwhelmed police and blocked roads in a resurgence of mass protests seen last month. Nabeel al-Hamer, a former information

8 Shias killed in Hangu bus attack

PESHAWAR – At least eight people were killed and nine injured when unidentified militants opened fire at a passenger van near Dawaba in Southern Hangu district on Sunday. The police claimed to have killed three militants in a brief encounter that followed the initial assault.
Kohat Commissioner Khalid Khan Omarzai told Pakistan Today that the police had arrested four suspected militants from a hospital in Dawaba early on Sunday and the assault on the van seemed to be in

Malaysia bans Shias from promoting their faith

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia said on Wednesday that Shias in the country, who have been termed a “deviant” sect, are barred from promoting
their faith to other Muslims but are free to practise it themselves.
Some 200 Shias were arrested in December by religious authorities who accused them of threatening national security in multicultural Malaysia, where most of the 16.5 million Muslims are members of the Sunni sect.
“We don’t prohibit Shiite adherents to practise but there

Four Shias killed in Quetta

QUETTA: A noted local trader belonging to the Shia community was killed along with his son and two bodyguards in Quetta on Thursday.
“Keeping in view past incidents and preliminary investigation, it appears to be an act of sectarian killing, however, a detailed probe will establish the cause of the murder,” said Hamid Shakeel, Quetta operations deputy inspector general.
According to details, Haji Ali Akbar, his son Abdus Samad and two body guards were leaving for home after