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Protesters euphoric after Supreme Court ruling on HEC

Protesters euphoric after Supreme Court ruling on HEC

ISLAMABAD – The protest rally taken out by teachers and students against the Higher Education Commission’s proposed devolution on Tuesday turned euphoric after the participants heard the Supreme Court had barred the government from dissolving the HEC. More than 500 students and professors from various universities had assembled outside the National Press Club to press their demands.
PML-Q lawmaker, Marvi Memon and JUI senator Azam Khan Swati were also there to express solidarity

‘Defectors’ accuse ruling party of horse-trading

LAHORE – Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid-e-Azam (PML-Q)’s Unification Bloc leader Tahir Ali Javed told reporters here on Monday that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had horse-traded during governor’s rule in Punjab and released an alleged mobile conversation between PPP provincial minister Neelam Jabbar and PML-Q assembly member Arshad Jutt to prove his point.
He said the PPP had tried to lure Unification Bloc members to join ranks with it, offering lucrative incentives including

Ruling party activist shot dead in Held Kashmir

SRINAGAR – Suspected Muslim militants Friday shot dead a 47-year-old ruling-party activist in Indian Kashmir, police said, while four people were hurt in fresh clashes in the insurgency-hit region. Ghulam Hassan was shot from close range at a market place in the southern township of Hajin, 40 kilometres north of Indian Kashmir’s summer capital Srinagar.
“He died spontaneously,” a police spokesman said, blaming militants opposed to Indian rule in the region for the late evening

Egypt’s ruling party top body resigns en masse

CAIRO – The top executive committee of Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), which includes strongman Hosni Mubarak’s son Gamal, resigned en masse on Saturday, state television reported. “The members of the executive committee resigned from their posts.
It was decided to name Hossam Badrawi secretary general of the party,” the regime’s channel announced amid ongoing opposition street protests. The NDP executive has six members, including its secretary general. Gamal

Iraq court ruling is ‘threat to democracy’

BAGHDAD – Iraq’s parliament speaker on Wednesday slammed a court ruling placing bodies like the central bank under ministerial control as a threat to democracy, and threatened to pass laws revamping the judiciary.
Osama al-Nujaifi’s remarks came as an Iraqi media outlet published a 2006 letter that showed the country’s top judge seeming to contradict last month’s decision to tie several independent bodies to the cabinet, a ruling which has sparked widespread controversy and

Government, security forces ruling Balochistan with an iron hand, says Bezinjo

QUETTA – National Party Senior Vice President Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bezinjo has strongly criticised the government, saying that they had sought an apology first and then unleashed atrocities against the Balochs, setting new records comparable to their predecessors.
He said that Balochs could not present flowers to the rulers after receiving decomposed bodies of their youth. He was addressing a public gathering in Dera Allayar of Jaffarabad district on Sunday. “The incumbent

Shariat Court’s ruling draws anger from women’s rights activists

LAHORE – The civil society has criticised the Federal Shariat Court’s decision to declare sections 11, 28 and 29 of Woman’s Protection Act ‘a violation of the Constitution’.
A statement issued here on Thursday said: “We, the members of civil society, strongly condemn the Federal Shariat Court’s attempt to revert, the Women’s Protection Act’s Clause 11, 25, 28 and 29 back to Hudood Ordinances”. It said that it was after a long struggle that resulted in the repealing of Hudood

India’s ruling Congress party meets amid controversies

NEW DELHI – India’s ruling Congress party began three days of soul-searching on Saturday as it goes through its roughest political patch in the six years since it was returned to power.
The party’s plenary session comes as authorities probe what could be India’s biggest corruption case — a mobile phone licensing scandal which cost the nation 40 billion dollars in lost revenue. Congress party chief Sonia Gandhi, India’s most powerful politician, is due on Sunday to address the

China to appeal WTO ruling on tyre exports to US

BEIJING: China said Tuesday it regretted the World Trade Organisation’s rejection of its complaint against punitive US tariffs on Chinese tyres and would appeal at an appropriate time. The commerce ministry said in a statement that it “regretted the ruling” and was deeply concerned about the potential negative impact of the decision.
It added that China would carefully research the dispute settlement panel’s report and appeal at an appropriate time to protect the Chinese

‘Ruling coalition lacks consensus’

PESHAWAR: Pakistan People’s Party-Sherpao Chairman Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao has said that the Pakistan People’s Party and its coalition partners have differences on national and international issues.
Addressing a press conference at his house in Peshawar he said, “How it is possible for the coalition partners to resolve problems of the masses when they lack consensus.”
Sherpao said the economic decline and deteriorating law and order situation was the outcome of government’s

Liaquat Baloch says ruling parties should accept their failure n announce relelections-Nasir

The Jamaat e Islami Secretary General, Liaquat Baloch, has counseled
the ruling parties to accept the failure of their government and announce fresh elections to
ensure the continuation of the democratic system.
In a press statement here Friday, he said, any change from within the assembly or
the mid terrm elections were not the solution of the prevailing crisis while any extra
constitutional step would undermine national solidarity. Therefore the

‘Merchant of Death’ appeals Thai court ruling: Lawyer

Alleged Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout on Friday appealed against a Thai court ruling that removed a major obstacle to his extradition to the United States, his lawyer said.
Thailand’s Criminal Court on Tuesday dismissed money-laundering and fraud charges against Bout that had been holding up his extradition, citing insufficient evidence.
In an apparent delaying tactic, Bout’s lawyer Lak Nittiwattanawichan said he had submitted an appeal against the decision, partly on the