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Cervical cancer on the rise

Cervical cancer on the rise

ISLAMABAD: In every 2 minutes, one woman loses her life due to cervical cancer worldwide as 500,000 cases and over 270,000 deaths have been reported annually, said Dr Ghazala Mehmood, a gynecologist at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences.
Addressing at a seminar titled “Cervical Cancer is Preventable” organized by Health Awareness Society here on Wednesday, Dr Ghazala said that cervical cancer is the second most prevalent and the third leading cause of cancer deaths among

India cotton farmers eye more price rise

AHMADABAD: Indian cotton farmers, salivating over the prospect of higher prices, are not releasing their entire harvested produce into the market, resulting in a shortage in a global market where the prices are already at record highs.
Arrivals were expected to rise from mid-October, but unseasonal rains over western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, the top two producers in the country, have delayed harvesting. Jagannath Dharme, a farmer from Akola district in Maharashtra,

Car lifting on the rise in the Capital

Showing an upward trend, over 548 cars were stolen from different parts of the city in 2010, with the figure being 514 last year with only 89 recoveries, sources said.
Most of the cars were lifted from urban areas where the security arrangements were high, sources said. “It would further increase as police officials deployed at the city exit and entrance points do not have proper equipments to catch a suspected vehicle,” a police official asking not to be named said. Since